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A collage of some of the paintings OH and I have done for the podiatrists waiting room.....The garden at bottom left is a machine stitched picture:))
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 30 2013 18:49 GMT happysnaper
Fantastic collage Barbara.
Sep 30 2013 18:55 GMT Papagena
Wow after your bracelets, another of your talents to discover Barbara !! The podiatrists must be very proud to receive your paintings !! I would be it too !! ;@)
Sep 30 2013 19:07 GMT georgygirl2
brilliant barbara!
Sep 30 2013 19:08 GMT skyball
Works of art Barbara!!..making a lovely collage!!!!!.........
Sep 30 2013 19:32 GMT Foggydew
All lovely, a room worth waiting in!
Sep 30 2013 23:55 GMT martini957
Fantastic art....so much better than the ho-hum-drum ones usually seen in a doctor's office
Oct 01 2013 02:10 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Nicely put together and great work Barbara !!!!
Oct 01 2013 04:10 GMT hallo
Interesting collection...You and OH can start a nice gallery!
Oct 01 2013 04:28 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful work, Barbara!! I am so glad we can enjoy them too!! ;-) They are all lovely!
Oct 01 2013 10:20 GMT bandsix
Thank you Tony:)
Oct 01 2013 10:20 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ruth.....he had some bare white walls, we had paintings in a cupboard that never saw light of day, so it seemed like a good idea!!
Oct 01 2013 10:23 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ann.....I hadn't painted for about two years until about three weeks ago, and I saw a scene that interested me, so I dusted the brushes off and did it......not framed yet, but then, it always takes me ages to finish anything! I have a cupboard full of UFO's....Unfinished Objects!!!
Oct 01 2013 10:23 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff...:)
Oct 01 2013 10:24 GMT bandsix
We had to put 12 'new' ones in last week, Foggy, as one of the patients had complained they were fed up of seeing the same stuff!!
Oct 01 2013 10:24 GMT bandsix
Thanks Nancy for your nice comment!
Oct 01 2013 10:24 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jim!
Oct 01 2013 10:25 GMT bandsix
mmmmmm...think we'll pass on that one Samir!
Oct 01 2013 10:25 GMT bandsix
Thank you Anna-Maria!
Oct 01 2013 11:53 GMT Jeanmac
Beautiful collage of yours and Fred's paintings. Hope their clients appreciate them Barbara
Oct 01 2013 17:36 GMT elsje323
beautiful paintings
Oct 01 2013 20:21 GMT mellie
Very nice work; glad to hear you have gotten back into painting.
Oct 01 2013 22:41 GMT Bellavista
I like all of them! You are very talented Barbara!
Oct 01 2013 22:51 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Water colors made into a collage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 02 2013 08:12 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida....:)
Oct 02 2013 08:13 GMT bandsix
Glad you like them, Bea....not all mine though....I don't 'do' boats....:))
Oct 02 2013 08:13 GMT bandsix
Thank you Glenn..:)
Oct 02 2013 15:27 GMT annieann PRO
excellent work
Oct 02 2013 17:25 GMT bandsix
Thank you annieann:)
Oct 02 2013 19:46 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
An impressive collection, Barbara. What a talented pair you are!
Oct 03 2013 17:25 GMT bandsix
Well, we don't think so...we just enjoy doing our 'thing' .....sometimes it's painting and sometimes textiles...and sometimes just thinking!!