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walked to the post office to post our crosswords this morning....this was taken on the way back...small confession, I have added the snowflakes:)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 21 2013 18:18 GMT 25barb
Absolutely gorgeous photo..wonderful colors in the sky and love the natural tree framing...Outstanding photo.
You didn't have to confess... I wish I knew how to do some of these things...
Special framing adds to the beauty of this photo...
Jan 21 2013 18:19 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
This is lovely, Barbara! You were lucky to have that glorious sky today. Here it's been white or grey all day.
Jan 21 2013 18:27 GMT Papagena
I agree with Sylvia !! Same weather conditions here today, and yesterday the roads and pavements were rather icy..........
Jan 21 2013 18:33 GMT hans55 PRO
a great picture ... special with tha snowflakes !
Jan 21 2013 18:50 GMT superJoan
Lovely light in the sky....Afraid our sky was grey all day...
Jan 21 2013 19:32 GMT hallo
What a beautiful postcard image Barbara...I bet they also fake the snowflakes, without even mentioning it...great work..
Jan 21 2013 19:37 GMT elsje323
beautiful winter image and light
Jan 21 2013 20:44 GMT Bellavista
very well done Barbara! I like the colour of the sky!!
Jan 21 2013 21:55 GMT MargNZ
Simply gorgeous Barbara ... nice framing too :))
Jan 21 2013 23:42 GMT potterjo
Jan 22 2013 02:36 GMT larrybenedict
Perfect. Even the snowflakes! I can't get my mind off you posting your crosswords. I'd like to hear more about why you post them. Over here, the answers are posted the next day or at least that was the way it was when I was reading a paper that had crossword puzzles. Maybe there is a prize or something....a free trip to London or something for the winner(s)?????????????
Jan 22 2013 10:31 GMT bandsix
Thank you for your lovely comment Barb...if I had waited a little while longer the snowflakes would have been for real....it started to snow quite heavily later on!
Jan 22 2013 10:32 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sylvia...it's very beautiful today...the sky is blue and the sun is shining...hopefully to melt some of this snow so we can get out and about again!
Jan 22 2013 10:33 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ruth...at least in Switzerland not everything comes to a halt as it seems to do here:))
Jan 22 2013 10:33 GMT bandsix
Thank you Hans...:))
Jan 22 2013 10:33 GMT bandsix
Thanks Joan:)
Jan 22 2013 10:34 GMT bandsix
Thank you Samir....real ones arrived very shortly afterwards....!
Jan 22 2013 10:34 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida:)
Jan 22 2013 10:34 GMT bandsix
Thank you Bea:)
Jan 22 2013 10:35 GMT bandsix
Thank you Margaret....bet you are basking in the sunshine now...:))
Jan 22 2013 10:35 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jo......:)
Jan 22 2013 10:39 GMT bandsix
Thanks Larry.....we both do crosswords at the weekend from the Sunday papers.....one of them has a £1000 prize and another £1,500 prize...and also smaller prizes of £25...I have won three times over the years...but only £25 each time...other half has only won once, but it was £1,500!!! ( $2,378 )
(needless to say he shared it, as I insisted I had helped with the answers....:))))
We don't do it for the prize, as it has probably cost more in stamps to post them over time!
Jan 22 2013 10:54 GMT Annamaria
What a beautiful view!! The sky has such special light! Very nice!!
Jan 22 2013 10:55 GMT bandsix
Thank you and good morning!!
Jan 22 2013 11:22 GMT skyball
A beautiful wintery scene Barbara!!..lovely!!!!!!.......
Jan 22 2013 11:31 GMT poshbird
Such a gorgeous scene and beautifully presented too Barbara.
Jan 22 2013 18:53 GMT senna3
Wonderful light!
Jan 22 2013 19:01 GMT bandsix
thank you Geoff!
Jan 22 2013 19:02 GMT bandsix
thanks Paula:)
Jan 22 2013 19:03 GMT bandsix
thank you Peter....:)
Jan 22 2013 22:16 GMT georgygirl2
love this, the snowflakes are the icing on the cake. fake or not!!
Jan 23 2013 02:26 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Great work Barbara !!!
Jan 23 2013 09:35 GMT bandsix
Thank you!
Jan 23 2013 09:35 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jim:)
Jan 23 2013 14:37 GMT Squirrel PRO
WONDERFUL SNOW LANDSCAPE PICTURE::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Jan 23 2013 15:23 GMT bandsix
Thank you Squirrel...............
Jan 24 2013 16:23 GMT wijnie58
WOW WOW WOW Looks like a painting...Barbara..:-))
Jan 24 2013 23:16 GMT annieann PRO
it sure does look like painting and i love it
Jan 25 2013 18:42 GMT julie13
Very nice work, are you using Picmonkey ?
Jan 25 2013 18:52 GMT saffi9
stunning shot barbara i can just imagine you throwing snowflakes in front of the camera :)
Jan 25 2013 18:58 GMT martini957
So beautiful
Jan 26 2013 13:51 GMT bandsix
Thanks Julie...yes, it's PicMonkey...(much better before they had the idea of charging for certain features though...:((
Jan 26 2013 13:52 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave.....just throwing a button that says 'flakes' I'm afraid!
Jan 26 2013 13:52 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie!
Jan 26 2013 13:53 GMT bandsix
Thank you annieann:))
Jan 26 2013 13:53 GMT bandsix
Thank you very much hunju!!!
Jan 26 2013 13:54 GMT bandsix
Thank you Nancy:))