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looks like quite a few legs here....
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 04 2011 18:15 GMT Annamaria
Is he feeling better, Barbara?
Jan 04 2011 18:41 GMT bandsix
yes, thank you AnnaMaria...he is eating very well, and asking to go out for short periods, which he hasn't done for a while, so we are very happy!!
Jan 04 2011 18:51 GMT annieann PRO
a great capture
Jan 04 2011 19:06 GMT FLUMP
I love the positions they get into....i dont think i could do that with my legs!! I'm glad he's feeling better.
Jan 04 2011 19:08 GMT jomoud PRO
Glad to hear he is doing better.
He seems totally at ease right now:)
Jan 04 2011 20:07 GMT bandsix
thanks anneiann...
Jan 04 2011 20:08 GMT bandsix
Thank you FLUMP....that's kind....
Jan 04 2011 20:09 GMT bandsix
thanks for your kind wishes John!
Jan 04 2011 20:17 GMT Pea2007
Its good to see he is doing well.
Jan 04 2011 21:48 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Lovely to see Tom looking so content and to hear that he's better!
Jan 05 2011 00:10 GMT potterjo
Sometimes I just don't see how the critters can be comfortable in some of the positions they get into.
Jan 05 2011 09:47 GMT Papagena
Great that he could start with a good health into 2011 !!
Jan 05 2011 09:50 GMT MargNZ
Tom must be feeling better ... all at one with the world again :))
Jan 05 2011 10:50 GMT ricardopc
It´s wonderful all your collection! I Loved it! Congratulations!
Jan 05 2011 14:00 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter:o)
Jan 05 2011 14:01 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sylvia, it's amazing to see the change in him, we can't quite believe it!
Jan 05 2011 14:02 GMT bandsix
that's true, Jo, just wish I could get into some of these positions - my yoga teacher would be very impressed - and so would I!!
Jan 05 2011 14:02 GMT bandsix
Yes, Ruth, we are very thankful :o)
Jan 05 2011 14:03 GMT bandsix
He is Margaret, almost back to normal and being a real pest at times (I'm glad to say!)
Jan 05 2011 14:04 GMT bandsix
Thanks, ricardopc, does that mean you have looked at them all? You deserve a medal!!
Jan 05 2011 14:41 GMT Studio88
Yoga Cat - Beautiful Shot! Barbara ;-)
Jan 05 2011 14:51 GMT Donjames
He looks so peaceful here, great photograph...
Jan 05 2011 16:32 GMT bandsix
thank you for your comment...
Jan 05 2011 16:33 GMT bandsix
he certainly was Don, thanks....
Jan 06 2011 06:13 GMT sini
Relaxed pose!:)
Jan 06 2011 09:12 GMT bandsix
he's very chilled out sini.....!!
Jan 06 2011 11:52 GMT abojovna PRO
Nice photo of sleeping cat!
Jan 06 2011 15:15 GMT bandsix
thank you Claudia :))
Jan 06 2011 19:56 GMT will
awww, sweet! :)
Jan 06 2011 22:03 GMT bandsix
Thanks Will...!!
Jan 07 2011 09:26 GMT lunacrout
Glad to hear that he's getting better - he looked so sad before :(
Jan 07 2011 11:28 GMT ricardopc
Haha! No,made per sample! If I liked of each one I saw and was many, I conclude that all are nice! I conclude wrong? No, if it was so , you didn´t place here! I realy liked!
And more, I think that when I see photos, it shows how the photographer see the life or would like to see and your perception of life (reality or desire) is very very nice! Your photos shows who you are or want to be!!! a beautiful person ;))
Jan 07 2011 11:47 GMT bandsix
Thank you Barbara...he certainly was a sad little cat, but we said just last night he looks like 'our' cat again!
Jan 10 2011 18:53 GMT qpidoremix
glad to hear he is well again. hugggggs
Jan 10 2011 19:17 GMT bandsix
thank you for your hugs for Tom...he sends his thanks!!