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From a beautiful bouquet of flowers given to me by my niece,(given to her by colleagues when she left the bank) who luckily was going to Hungary last Sunday and didn't want them to go to waste:))
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 25 2013 20:01 GMT saffi9
you cant beat freebie flowers lovely shot barbara
Apr 25 2013 20:51 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful flowershot, Barbara..:-))
Apr 25 2013 21:02 GMT abojovna PRO
Nice open!
Apr 25 2013 21:02 GMT larrybenedict
Despite being passed around, a bit, the flowers still look fresh. I trust your niece is getting out of the banking business since all the money around the world has just dried up.
Apr 25 2013 21:22 GMT julie13
Very nice capture
Apr 26 2013 01:45 GMT potterjo
Lovely, glad you got to enjoy them too!
Apr 26 2013 02:07 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Nice angle Barbara !!!!
Apr 26 2013 05:47 GMT MargNZ
Lovely Barbara :)
Apr 26 2013 14:30 GMT Papagena
A marvellous tulip close-up Barbara !! Thanks a lot, dear niece !! ;+))
Apr 26 2013 18:11 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave...very true!
Apr 26 2013 18:11 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie...:)
Apr 26 2013 18:11 GMT bandsix
They are fully open now Claudia!
Apr 26 2013 18:13 GMT bandsix
They were fresh Larry....just had a car journey from the bank to my house.....she has gone on holiday to Hungary with her partner, who is Hungarian.....she was managing a different branch, and they apparently didn't want her to leave, but she is back to her own branch when she comes back....guess there is still some spare cash floating around the UK....:))
Apr 26 2013 18:14 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jullie....
Apr 26 2013 18:14 GMT bandsix
Thanks hunju!!
Apr 26 2013 18:14 GMT bandsix
me too, Jo!
Apr 26 2013 18:14 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jim....
Apr 26 2013 18:14 GMT bandsix
Thanks Margaret...:)
Apr 26 2013 18:15 GMT bandsix
It's not a tulip, Ruth, but an amaryllis or hippeastrum......and I was very grateful to my niece....great girl!
Apr 27 2013 07:08 GMT superJoan
Lucky you Barbara flowers are welcome any time especially as a gift
Apr 27 2013 17:18 GMT bandsix
Very true, Joan, and they were a complete surprise!