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Have taken a liberty and joined two themes together, as I didn't get round to posting yesterday.....:))
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 21 2014 10:53 GMT Papagena
Nice double entry Barbara !! Just add a "2" to the tag !! ;o))
Feb 21 2014 12:59 GMT hans55 PRO
very good entry ...nice reflections !! :-)
Feb 21 2014 13:03 GMT T1MELESS PRO
I like it Two for one, A bargain !!!!
Feb 21 2014 13:14 GMT aquiles PRO
LOVELY ENTRY !!!!!!!!!... A BARGAIN INDEED !!!!!!!!!
Feb 21 2014 15:53 GMT hallo
Interesting idea!
Feb 21 2014 17:52 GMT elsje323
great reflections and nice statue
Feb 21 2014 18:15 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ruth - amended.....!
Feb 21 2014 18:16 GMT bandsix
Thanks Hans....:)
Feb 21 2014 18:16 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jim...I'm all for a BOGOF !!
Feb 21 2014 18:16 GMT bandsix
Thank you aquiles:)
Feb 21 2014 18:16 GMT bandsix
Thanks Samir:)
Feb 21 2014 18:17 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida..:)
Feb 21 2014 19:54 GMT MargNZ
Double entry and you too Barbara .... triple delight :))
Feb 21 2014 21:14 GMT janos
Nice entry! :)
Feb 21 2014 22:33 GMT bandsix
Feb 21 2014 22:33 GMT bandsix
Thank you janos.......:)
Feb 21 2014 23:03 GMT larrybenedict
I don't know how you keep up as good as you do.......with all the pies you have your fingers in. (Having ones fingers in lots of pies is a "saying" over here that may or may not be a "saying" over there. Involved with lots of things (activities).
The mirror looks familiar. It may be one of the "over priced" things in a gift shop you frequent ....or....perhaps you laid out the £'s for it some time in the past.
Feb 22 2014 07:53 GMT superJoan
Fantasticentries Barbara... love the mirror...did you buy it ? £569....Wow where do they pluck these prices from
Feb 22 2014 15:59 GMT bandsix
Thanks Larry.....yes, it's a saying over here as well....I like to keep lots of things on the go! stops me getting bored.....and also it's the 'grasshopper mind' mentality......keep hopping from one thing to the next, and only occasionally finishing anything....which is the downside of this type of personality:)))
Feb 22 2014 16:04 GMT bandsix
And no, the mirror isn't mine......it's in a shop we visit on rare occasions if we want to look at something specifically.....like a new bathroom, which was the purpose of the last visit.....I don't particularly like what they sell in the homewares section.....it's very expensive for one thing.......!
Feb 22 2014 16:05 GMT bandsix
Thanks Joan......I don't know! but they have floors of this sort of stuff at these prices, so somebody must pay the prices,
Feb 22 2014 16:29 GMT Jeanmac
Two for the price of one. Great entry!!
Feb 22 2014 17:49 GMT bandsix
You know I like a bargain, Jean.:))
Feb 22 2014 17:52 GMT bandsix
and it's the same price as when you uploaded it, too....!!
Feb 22 2014 19:31 GMT peterpinhole
Great DOUBLE entry.
Feb 22 2014 20:22 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter......:)
Feb 22 2014 20:41 GMT Bellavista
You look lovely Barbara! Very stylish in black leather gloves! The elegant frame really fits to your person! :-)
Feb 23 2014 11:11 GMT bandsix
hehe:)) At least I fit in with the 'silver' theme!!
Feb 24 2014 05:54 GMT Annamaria
Lovely double entry!! ;-)
Feb 24 2014 07:37 GMT bandsix
Thank you Anna-Maria......
Feb 26 2014 21:20 GMT georgygirl2
very clever 2 for 1 barbara, i love the mirror but wouldnt pay those prices! yorkshire lass me!!!
Feb 27 2014 14:18 GMT bandsix
No, I wouldn't pay the price in this shop for anything! They are always over the top:))