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My friend has just returned from Yosemite and the Grand Canyon and brought this bookmark for me.......if only it were that simple:)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 23 2013 16:38 GMT Petermosull
A lovely present, as I was looking at, and readong it I kept thinking that is so like an Ansel Adams image, then I read your caption - from Yosemite, Adams favourite location to take pictures, he was a great photographer and has been a huge inspiration to thousands of photgraphers over the years, my humble self included.
Sep 23 2013 16:46 GMT superJoan
This is why I love waterfalls so much.. I like to go with the flow and stay active while making a splash and listening to music.. Barbara a lovely bookmark from a very spectacular place...
Sep 23 2013 17:14 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
All very good bits of advice!
Sep 23 2013 18:51 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice gift and good advice !!
Sep 23 2013 21:07 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful place and looking forward to our holiday next week..:-))
Sep 23 2013 22:08 GMT Donjames
I agree...just go with the flow...
Sep 24 2013 02:29 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Nice find Barbara !!!!
Sep 24 2013 06:12 GMT MargNZ
A lovely gift and great words Barbara :)
Sep 24 2013 08:43 GMT skyball
Crikey!!..i feel a new man after doing all of that Barbara!!!...try it:-))
Sep 24 2013 10:05 GMT elsje323
lovely gift
Sep 24 2013 10:47 GMT Jeanmac
Great words but not always easy to follow
Sep 24 2013 14:06 GMT happysnaper
Great words and gift Barbara.
Sep 24 2013 17:39 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the comment, Peter...my friend bought this from a gallery in Yosemite, and she says it had a lot of Ansel Adams' prints on the wall...glad you liked this post, and thanks to AA for his inspiration :)
Sep 24 2013 17:40 GMT bandsix
Thanks Joan....I did mean to make a mention of you in the caption, knowing your penchant for waterfalls......
Sep 24 2013 17:41 GMT bandsix
Indeed! Just needs dedication to follow them:))
Sep 24 2013 17:41 GMT bandsix
Thank you Hans:))
Sep 24 2013 17:42 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie.....are you going to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, too? Hope you have a great holiday, wherever it is!
Sep 24 2013 17:42 GMT bandsix
Thanks Don......I must try harder!
Sep 24 2013 17:42 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jim!
Sep 24 2013 17:42 GMT bandsix
Thank you Margaret:)
Sep 24 2013 17:43 GMT bandsix
I hope that's in a good way, Geoff:)) I will.....
Sep 24 2013 17:43 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida:)
Sep 24 2013 17:43 GMT bandsix
Very true....we must keep trying:)))
Sep 24 2013 17:44 GMT bandsix
Thank you Tony:)
Sep 25 2013 15:27 GMT saffi9
i like it
Sep 25 2013 18:05 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave:))
Sep 25 2013 21:16 GMT Icandoit
Excellent photograph - congratulations a job well done.
Sep 26 2013 04:41 GMT larrybenedict
More succinct and easier to follow instructions than Ilan's "Advice From A Tree".
Sep 26 2013 09:07 GMT bandsix
Thanks Harry....not my photograph, just my bookmark....:))
Sep 26 2013 09:10 GMT bandsix
Thanks Larry......I like the 'enjoy your natural beauty' bit in Ilan Shamir's tree though:)))))
Hasn't seen me first thing in the morning!
Sep 30 2013 04:41 GMT Annamaria
I loved Yosemity National Park!! Such a beautiful place! Thats a nice bookmark, Barbara, with wise words.... easy to read.... not always easy to follow...;-)
Sep 30 2013 14:31 GMT bandsix
Very true! I haven't been to Yosemite....yet!!
Oct 01 2013 23:01 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 02 2013 08:07 GMT bandsix
They are...just hard to follow!