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Took my best friend to hospital this morning for a 'procedure'...and saw these lovely giraffes on the way out....it was free parking for Christmas, too!!
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 24 2012 12:41 GMT Foggydew
Nearly worth visiting for :)
Dec 24 2012 12:46 GMT Squirrel PRO
BEAUTIFUL ANGLE SHOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Dec 24 2012 12:47 GMT bandsix
Always happier to be the escort Foggy:))
Dec 24 2012 12:48 GMT bandsix
Thanks Squirrel:)
Dec 24 2012 13:09 GMT senna3
Well spotted!
Dec 24 2012 13:14 GMT hallo
That was surely worth it Barbara :)
Dec 24 2012 13:20 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic shot of the giraffes, Barbara..:-))
Dec 24 2012 13:29 GMT bandsix
As I said to my friend this morning....'always look behind you'..... very often a bit of magic:)
Dec 24 2012 13:30 GMT bandsix
Thanks Samir:))
Dec 24 2012 13:30 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie...as near to South Africa as I am likely to get:)))
Dec 24 2012 13:44 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Such a nice find!
I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year, Barbara, and thank you for your triple good wishes!
Dec 24 2012 14:01 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Great find! I love the giraffes and the shapes. Wishing your friend a safe procedure. Great to get free parking!

Happy Christmas
Dec 24 2012 14:03 GMT marijke06
the christmas thought....free parking :)
nice find :)
Dec 24 2012 14:20 GMT will
I hope the best for them, Barb, a nice shot on way out happy holidays to you and yours there)
Dec 24 2012 15:17 GMT Bellavista
Yes, I hope the best for your friend too...
great architecture and sculptures... mine kind of art...
hmm... and free parking too... it seems it is really Xmas! :-))
Dec 24 2012 15:21 GMT skyball
An unexpected find for you Barbara!!..makes a lovely shot!!!!...
Dec 24 2012 16:11 GMT peterpinhole
Hope your friend makes it home soon...
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Canada.
All the best for you and yours for a healthy happy new Year
Dec 24 2012 16:13 GMT elsje323
great spotted
Dec 24 2012 17:21 GMT faithoneil79
Hello my dear
My name is cynthia, i saw you profile and became interested, i will like to have a long tearm relationship with you,
please contact me on my email so that i can send you my photos and tell you more about me,(cynthiaj0be@hotmail.com)
Dec 24 2012 18:19 GMT bandsix
You're welcome Sylvia...:))
Dec 24 2012 18:19 GMT bandsix
Thank you Mary....I think things were OK this morning....:)
Dec 24 2012 18:20 GMT bandsix
A nice thought...parking is expensive at that hospital!
Dec 24 2012 18:20 GMT bandsix
Thanks Will...very kind;))
Dec 24 2012 18:21 GMT bandsix
Thank you Bea...a nice Christmas surprise:) but then she had to pay for the prescription medication:((
Dec 24 2012 18:21 GMT bandsix
Thank you Geoff:)
Dec 24 2012 18:22 GMT bandsix
Thanks ,Peter, for the festive wishes...my friend is home already, thank goodness!
Dec 24 2012 18:22 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida.....eyes in the back of my head:)))
Dec 24 2012 18:32 GMT poshbird
Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you Barbara.
Dec 24 2012 18:42 GMT bandsix
Thanks Paula:))
Dec 24 2012 19:00 GMT Lie
Lovely art !!
Dec 24 2012 21:24 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
A lovely piece of art!

Have a great Christmas!
Dec 25 2012 00:03 GMT potterjo
Those are wonderful!
Dec 25 2012 10:04 GMT Annamaria
Nice art, Barbara!!

Merry Christmas to you and al my best wishes for a happy and healthy New year!!
Dec 25 2012 15:05 GMT Papagena
Lovely decoration for the children for sure !!

My best wishes (rather late!) for a Merry Christmas!! Barbara, may 2013 bring you a lot of happiness, satisfaction and many marvellous experiences !! Accompanied with a good health !! ;o))
Dec 25 2012 20:52 GMT bandsix
Thank you Lie:)
Dec 25 2012 20:52 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jo...:)
Dec 25 2012 20:53 GMT bandsix
Thank you Anna-Maria...and to you, too!
Dec 25 2012 20:53 GMT bandsix
Thank you for the good wishes Ruth, always welcome, and not late at all! I wish you exactly the same:))
Dec 26 2012 11:29 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice art !!
Dec 26 2012 16:15 GMT bandsix
Thank you Hans!
Dec 26 2012 16:20 GMT julie13
Great perspective
Dec 27 2012 14:17 GMT martini957
Very nice
Dec 27 2012 16:05 GMT bandsix
Thanks Julie...
Dec 27 2012 16:05 GMT bandsix
Thank you hunju!!
Dec 27 2012 16:05 GMT bandsix
Thank you Nancy....
Dec 27 2012 23:38 GMT annieann PRO
very nice indeed
Dec 28 2012 12:22 GMT bandsix
thank you annieann.....:)
Dec 28 2012 20:29 GMT saffi9
great shot barbara ive seen these for sale near me i bet there not cheap
Dec 29 2012 03:33 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Nice find Barbara. Ihope your friend has recovered by now !!!!
Dec 29 2012 12:40 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave....I bet they're not!!
Dec 29 2012 12:40 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jim...she's doing OK:)
Dec 29 2012 21:04 GMT pauli3522
cool decorations..i hope your friend is fine
Dec 29 2012 21:21 GMT junne PRO
funny, you have usually free medical, but have to pay for parking ?
Dec 29 2012 21:56 GMT bandsix
Thank you Paulina...she is OK:)
Dec 29 2012 21:57 GMT bandsix
I know, it does seem strange.....the staff also have to pay to park when they work at the hospital! (But they pay a monthly or annual fee and it is marginally cheaper:)
Dec 30 2012 01:42 GMT megmet PRO
The cake is good but the wine should have been better for the price.

Happy New Year.
Dec 30 2012 10:30 GMT MargNZ
I hope your friend had a favourable result Barbara . Have a very Happy New Year and best wishes for 2013 :)
Dec 30 2012 12:14 GMT bandsix
Oh dear Meg...sorry about that!!
Happy New Year to you, too:))
Dec 30 2012 12:15 GMT bandsix
Thank you Margaret...I hope your New year with little Olive is great too!!