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here's one I did earlier....
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 07 2014 18:57 GMT hans55 PRO
woow ... good work !! ... do you sell your work ??
Feb 07 2014 19:55 GMT Papagena
You are not only a marvellous photographer, couturier, you are a fantastic painter too Barbara !! ;o))
Feb 07 2014 19:59 GMT hallo
How much earlier was this nice work Barbara!
Feb 07 2014 20:09 GMT Jeanmac
Nice painting Barbara. Does not look familiar!!
Feb 07 2014 20:22 GMT Annamaria
Its beautiful, Barbara!! You are very talented in many ways!!
Feb 07 2014 21:37 GMT aquiles PRO
Preciosa obra de arte !!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 07 2014 21:51 GMT MargNZ
Beautifully painted Barbara . Love the colours and the light :)
Feb 08 2014 11:50 GMT bandsix
Thanks Hans....we both paint a bit (well, I haven't painted seriously for a few years) and as we have a surplus of paintings, we hang them on the walls of a local podiatrist's surgery, and people sometimes buy them...and occasionally they sell in a local exhibition...but we have loads in the attic!!
Feb 08 2014 11:51 GMT bandsix
Oh Ruth, you make me sound much more than I am! couturier is definitely not on the list...I couldn't follow a sewing pattern to save my life!!
Feb 08 2014 11:52 GMT bandsix
About October last year, I think, Samir....I occasionally get the urge to get the paints out...but not very often recently:))
Feb 08 2014 11:53 GMT bandsix
That's because you haven't seen it before...it was in my 'art room' waiting to be framed...so the frame is courtesy of Ribbet...it's not really framed!!
Feb 08 2014 11:53 GMT bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria...no more so than you....it's just that you keep your artwork to yourself!! :)))
Feb 08 2014 11:53 GMT bandsix
Thank you aquiles:)
Feb 08 2014 11:54 GMT bandsix
Thanks Margaret!
Feb 08 2014 20:59 GMT larrybenedict
Is Garachico your "Pen name?" I couldn't find any other name on this. Watercolor...so difficult (The only time I tried it!)
Feb 08 2014 23:23 GMT ForestSpirit
That's really good, Barbara! I think Garachico is a place in Tenerife, isn't it?
Feb 09 2014 00:30 GMT bandsix
Garachico is in Tenerife, Larry.....I don't have a pen name....I usually sign my own name, and hadn't realised until you mentioned this that I hadn't signed it!
Feb 09 2014 00:31 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sylvia....yes, you're right.......:)
Feb 09 2014 11:11 GMT georgygirl2
brilliant,a woman of many talents!
Feb 09 2014 14:25 GMT bandsix
Like most women:))))))
Feb 10 2014 00:11 GMT martini957
Wow.....blessed with talent to paint
Feb 10 2014 19:07 GMT bandsix
Thank you Nancy:)
Feb 10 2014 20:50 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful Barbara, you are a lady full of talent..:-))
Feb 10 2014 22:27 GMT bandsix
You are very kind, Wijnie...
Feb 11 2014 04:53 GMT junne PRO
very gifted
Feb 11 2014 09:04 GMT bandsix
Not true, but thank you anyway!
Feb 13 2014 12:18 GMT superJoan
We have such talented people on fotothing Barbara, this is wonderful....
Feb 13 2014 18:18 GMT bandsix
Thanks Joan:)
Feb 22 2014 20:45 GMT Bellavista
I agree with Ruth! x
Feb 23 2014 11:13 GMT bandsix
You are too kind, really....I just enjoy what I do.....:))