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This sweet little pussy was sitting watching the world go by...( on the way to the baker's......)
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 14 2013 09:16 GMT Foggydew
Great window display - well organised home!
Feb 14 2013 10:03 GMT 25barb
Lovely reflections in the window and the kitty must be enjoying the view of the buildings
Great window with a pretty flower and plant.
well captured and presented...
Feb 14 2013 10:04 GMT hallo
Fantastic reflection photo, the pussy is dazzled by someone aiming at her as if she wants to say something. I like those houses which must be more than 70 years old..
Feb 14 2013 10:40 GMT skyball
A lovely reflection shot here Barbara!!..complete with lucky black cat!!!!!!:-))...
Feb 14 2013 10:47 GMT Bellavista
lovely reflection Barbara, cats are always winner.... they make us always smile :-))
Feb 14 2013 13:35 GMT Annamaria
Sweet cat and nice reflections! I jope you bought something nice to eat...;-))
Feb 14 2013 13:53 GMT bandsix
Obviously the little black cat knows his place...:))
Feb 14 2013 13:54 GMT bandsix
Thank you hunju!!
Feb 14 2013 13:54 GMT bandsix
Thank you Barb....he was lovely...watching my every move...:))
Feb 14 2013 13:56 GMT bandsix
Thanks Samir...obviously dazzled by some idiot aiming a camera at her as she was minding her own business....:)) The houses have been there for a very long time......
Feb 14 2013 13:57 GMT bandsix
It was a lucky cat, Geoff....lucky I spotted it and made it famous for fifteen minutes! (well, five, anyway.....:))
Feb 14 2013 13:57 GMT bandsix
Thank you Bea, it was sweet...I'll have to do a fingerpainting of it with my new app:))))
Feb 14 2013 13:58 GMT bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria...same as usual - six brown muffins (as in bread, not cakes:))))
Feb 14 2013 14:30 GMT wijnie58
Great job you did....Beautiful reflection entry, Barbara..:-))
Feb 14 2013 15:19 GMT Squirrel PRO
NICE SHOT AND ENTRY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Feb 14 2013 16:31 GMT will
Feb 14 2013 17:03 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie....:)
Feb 14 2013 17:03 GMT bandsix
Thanks Squirrel.....
Feb 14 2013 17:04 GMT bandsix
Thank you will....
Feb 14 2013 22:35 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Lovely cat, plants, reflections....... the perfect picture!
Feb 14 2013 22:58 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sylvia!
Feb 16 2013 21:06 GMT georgygirl2
good find!
Feb 17 2013 16:03 GMT elsje323
great find and reflections
Feb 17 2013 21:27 GMT bandsix
Thank you georgygirl:))
Feb 17 2013 21:27 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ida....:)