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Comments on this photo:

Nov 02 2013 14:31 GMT Lalbabu
Delicious !!!!!
Nov 02 2013 14:56 GMT daveb
Apple pie with a few sultanas and a pinch of cinnamon
Nov 02 2013 16:33 GMT Bellavista
Hmmmm ... So tempting!! Enjoy! :-)
Nov 02 2013 16:45 GMT Annamaria
Is this part of your diet, Barbara? ;-) It looks delicious!! ;-))
Nov 02 2013 17:02 GMT georgygirl2
but you could have sent it to me!!!
Nov 02 2013 18:02 GMT Jeanmac
I see you've been baking again. Looks delicious, I hope you saved me a piece:))
Nov 02 2013 18:41 GMT skyball
Oh Dear..thats made me hungry Barbara!!!:-)).....
Nov 02 2013 18:50 GMT mellie
My favourite of all time .. now I want more ... hmmmm
Nov 02 2013 20:28 GMT martini957
LOL...of course not : ))
Nov 02 2013 20:40 GMT MargNZ
Just in time for my morning cuppa Barbara .... delicious :))
Nov 02 2013 20:51 GMT Snappa1
No, you did the right thing. A very caring gesture...(lol)
Nov 02 2013 22:25 GMT elsje323
looks delicious
Nov 02 2013 22:40 GMT bandsix
It was, thank you, Lalbabu!
Nov 02 2013 22:41 GMT bandsix
With dark brown sugar, lemon zest and a knob of butter.....not bad at all!
Nov 02 2013 22:42 GMT bandsix
Oh, I did Bea! Thank you:)
Nov 02 2013 22:43 GMT bandsix
It is, Anna-Maria...and so was the shortbread I baked!
Nov 02 2013 22:43 GMT bandsix
Too late, was the cry!
Nov 02 2013 22:44 GMT bandsix
I think you know the answer to that one:))
Nov 02 2013 22:44 GMT bandsix
Sorry about that Geoff...hope you found something to nibble....
Nov 02 2013 22:45 GMT bandsix
My problem too....:))
Nov 02 2013 22:45 GMT bandsix
Glad you agree, Nancy:)
Nov 02 2013 22:46 GMT bandsix
All gone now, Margaret !
Nov 02 2013 22:46 GMT bandsix
It's just the sort of person I am.....:)))
Nov 02 2013 22:47 GMT bandsix
It was, Ida!
Nov 02 2013 23:13 GMT larrybenedict
Is that sugar on the top? I'm wondering what a 'knob' of butter is. Is that a raisin I see on the plate? It's been so long since I had a slice of apple pie....I'm thinking maybe raisins are one of the standard ingredients (from childhood). Too many questions?
Nov 03 2013 03:44 GMT pauli3522
looks delicious....
Nov 03 2013 15:28 GMT wijnie58
Very good entry, Barbara..:-))
Nov 03 2013 17:42 GMT bandsix
Yes, Larry, that's sugar on the top...I know it's naughty, but it gives it a lovely crunch:)) a knob of butter is a very difficult question to answer, now I get down to it!! However, Geoff , a retired clergyman and IT specialist has given the following definition:

A knob of butter is about a heaped tablespoon, or about the same size as you would pick up between three fingers and a thumb.

A knob of butter is defined as an isosceles right-angled tetrahedron whose adjacent is equal to half the height of the block of butter....

so there you have it!! That is indeed a raisin on the plate...I usually use sultanas soaked in apple juice, but as I didn't have any, raisins had to do:)) It really was delicious, though I say so myself!! I don't mind how many questions you ask, Larry, as long as I can answer them for you.......:)))
Nov 03 2013 17:43 GMT bandsix
Thank you Paulina, it was:)
Nov 03 2013 17:43 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie:)
Nov 03 2013 22:21 GMT larrybenedict
I loved the explanation for the knob of butter...it totally draws a picture for me. Before I started reading commentary made by English folk, I thought I knew the English language! :-)
Looking inward, I wonder if you understand half of what I write!! Yankee English tinged with "Hillbilly and "Southern" colloquialisms.
Nov 04 2013 09:46 GMT bandsix
Glad you liked the explanation....makes sense, as you say when you can picture the action of acquiring a 'knob' of butter....now then, a question for you......what is a 'stick' of butter? Sounds nice, but I don't know what it is!
Mostly, I don't have a problem with anything you write...I have a fascination with everything and everyone 'foreign' (!)....always have had, from being a child:)))
Nov 04 2013 12:33 GMT larrybenedict
Barbara, a stick of butter is equal to ½ cup or ¼ avoirdupois pound. Most non-whipped butter in this country is packaged per pound (4 sticks), each of which is usually wrapped in waxed paper. There are marks on the wrapping so that it can be cut off the stick in tablespoons (4 tablespoons=¼ pound). Grocery store sweet cream butter is sold as salted or unsalted.
Nov 04 2013 18:28 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the explanation Larry.....I read somewhere that very few kitchens in the US have or use scales to weigh ingredients.....that can't be true surely? There, another question for you to answer!
Nov 06 2013 21:00 GMT larrybenedict
Barbara, I use a digital scale for weighing ingredients. I rarely see any kitchens with scales......just "nit-pickers" like us use them. (A "nit-picker" is one who has a love of detail of things and exact measurements). :-) I generally weight things in grams. If a recipe calls for ounces, I usually convert to grams. My digital scales only divide a gram in half, not tenths. Close enough for my palate!! :-))
Nov 06 2013 22:07 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the answer, which was a bit of a surprise to me...not that you use digital scales....only to be expected, but that so many don't!! I usually convert grams to ounces...I'm a bit of a dinosaur:)