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A work in the early stages.....natural fabrics pinned together ready for stitching and dyeing...the coloured bits are leftovers from a previous piece...will be interesting to see how it turns out:)) It's using old mats and bits of cloth from charity (thrift) shops and my 'odds and ends' drawer!
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 01 2014 12:52 GMT elsje323
great work
Feb 01 2014 13:54 GMT skyball
A good pastime Barbara!!..nice work!!!!.......
Feb 01 2014 14:47 GMT hallo
Where do you store all this stuff :)
Feb 01 2014 15:11 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ida...I hope it turns out OK....
Feb 01 2014 15:12 GMT bandsix
I think so...I know others may disagree, Geoff!
Feb 01 2014 15:12 GMT bandsix
I have a dedicated room....or two! And a cupboard for UFO's (Unfinished Objects!)
Feb 01 2014 15:21 GMT aquiles PRO
LOVELY WORK !!!!!!!..OJALÁ ESTE NO VAYA A TU cupboard for UFO's (Unfinished Objects!)
Feb 01 2014 16:05 GMT bandsix
Thank you aquiles.....hope it's better when it's finished
Feb 01 2014 16:19 GMT larrybenedict
I particularly like the "girly" fabrics.
Feb 01 2014 17:26 GMT annieann PRO
nice fabrics here
Feb 01 2014 19:27 GMT Annamaria
Interesting work, Barbara!! I look forward to the final results of your work! '-))
Feb 02 2014 12:55 GMT bandsix
Thank you Larry...I presume you mean the lacy bits? :))
Feb 02 2014 12:56 GMT bandsix
Thanks annieann:)
Feb 02 2014 12:56 GMT bandsix
Me too, Anna-Maria, but don't hold your breath!
Feb 03 2014 04:31 GMT larrybenedict
Yes, the lacy bits
Feb 03 2014 09:49 GMT bandsix
Feb 03 2014 16:05 GMT georgygirl2
cant wait to see finished project! you do make me laugh with your ufo's!
Feb 03 2014 16:27 GMT bandsix
All the hand sewing finished.....machine stitching next, then dyeing, then who knows?!!! UFOs are a serious problem in this house, I kid you not...I have half finished tapestries I started in 1991 :))
Feb 03 2014 16:33 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Very nice, Barbara. Makes me wish I were good at needlework!
Feb 03 2014 16:46 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sylvia.....I daren't post the back of the work, hand sewing is not my forte!! I shall be much happier to thread the machine and get on to that bit:))
Feb 04 2014 15:41 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic work, Barbara..:-))
Feb 04 2014 18:15 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie...a work in progress...part two starts tomorrow