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Not the best image, taken through the kitchen window, but couldn't resist:))
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 02 2012 11:33 GMT elsje323
lovely image
Dec 02 2012 12:04 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Cheeky fellow!
Dec 02 2012 13:42 GMT wijnie58
Funny image, Barbara..:-))
Dec 02 2012 13:42 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ida....
Dec 02 2012 13:43 GMT bandsix
A couple of minutes after this, a cat chased him at top speed...last seen disappearing over a neigbouring rooftop:)
Dec 02 2012 13:43 GMT bandsix
It was funnier when he was facing the other direction Wijnie!
Dec 02 2012 13:51 GMT Lie
Cute...great catch even from the window...
Dec 02 2012 17:10 GMT bandsix
Thank you Lie....
Dec 02 2012 18:39 GMT 25barb
It really is a cute photo...They really have lots of antics. So much fun watching them..
He looks like is ready to jump but might be a bit apprehensive.
Dec 02 2012 18:55 GMT hallo
Must check my eye sight soon...I first thought it's a scoop of ice cream :))
Very lucky catch Barbara, you got him in a perfect moment..
Dec 02 2012 19:28 GMT saffi9
a squirrel toilet :)
Dec 03 2012 02:20 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Now you just don't know what he is doing in there ,do you :-))
Dec 03 2012 12:14 GMT skyball
Caught in the act!!...amazing catch Barbara!!!!!!!.......
Dec 03 2012 22:02 GMT martini957
Dec 04 2012 00:21 GMT potterjo
From the thumb I thought it was a baby bird, more of us need our eyes checked. Cut capture.
Dec 04 2012 10:18 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Lovely capture - so cute!
Dec 04 2012 13:05 GMT bandsix
Thank you Barb...he did jump off a moment later and was pursued by a cat in overdrive...they could both move at fantastic speed...think the cat was outrun :))
Dec 04 2012 13:06 GMT bandsix
Mmmmmm....squirrel ice cream...not sure on that one, but I bet it's on the menu somewhere:)) thank you Samir.....
Dec 04 2012 13:07 GMT bandsix
Well, thanks a lot Dave...that hadn't crossed my mind until now!!!
Dec 04 2012 13:07 GMT bandsix
No, Jim, I don't, but he had been eating seed from it a minute or two earlier...so fingers crossed:))
Dec 04 2012 13:08 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff...he's a very regular visitor:)
Dec 04 2012 13:08 GMT bandsix
Thank you Nancy:)
Dec 04 2012 13:08 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jo...I think you are spot on in your comment...I see all sorts of things in the thumbnails!
Dec 04 2012 13:09 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sylvia:)
Dec 05 2012 19:08 GMT Annamaria
You lucky lady to have such a beautiful squirrel in your garden! ;-))
Dec 05 2012 20:04 GMT bandsix
You can have him any time you want.....him and his little band of brothers!!
Dec 06 2012 05:27 GMT Annamaria
Aha....you have got more of them, Barbara?
Dec 06 2012 14:18 GMT bandsix
oh, yes...whole families of them!
Dec 06 2012 14:37 GMT senna3
A priceless capture!
Dec 06 2012 14:44 GMT bandsix