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Tags jay bandsix

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At long last, have been able to capture this beautiful bird with my new camera! I don't see it very often, but I was on the phone in the kitchen yesterday and looked out and there he was...:))
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Comments on this photo:

May 27 2013 10:30 GMT MargNZ
It is a beautiful bird and a great photo ... well done Barbara . I hope the caller didn't mind waiting while you took the photo for FT ;))
May 27 2013 10:35 GMT skyball
Well done Barbara!!..a beautiful catch,,a must to enlarge!!!!!!.......
May 27 2013 11:07 GMT peterw
Same thing with the woodpecker this morning. Haven't seen him for a year, and now he's back!
You must be delighted with the new camera. It's certainly producing some great results!
May 27 2013 11:09 GMT 25barb
He knew you were longing for his photo...so hd stopped by long enough to pose and for
you to click. It is a lovely bird...
Good luck withy your new camera.
Have a wonderful week
May 27 2013 12:40 GMT Foggydew
A beauty!
May 27 2013 13:18 GMT Lalbabu
Superb capture with great details !!!!
May 27 2013 13:34 GMT wijnie58
Awesome picture of the Jay., Barbara..:-))
May 27 2013 13:34 GMT hans55 PRO
great catch !!
May 27 2013 17:34 GMT georgygirl2
May 27 2013 19:32 GMT bandsix
Thank you Margaret...it was my brother on the phone, and he knows I have been trying to 'get it', so I'm sure he didn't mind!
May 27 2013 19:32 GMT bandsix
thank you Geoff:)
May 27 2013 19:33 GMT bandsix
Thanks Peter, I am very pleased with it...off to Argyle next week, so hoping for some deer and red squirrels!
May 27 2013 19:33 GMT bandsix
Thank you Barb, maybe you are right! I hope he will come and pose for me again!
May 27 2013 19:33 GMT bandsix
Thank you Foggy:)
May 27 2013 19:33 GMT bandsix
Thank you Lalbabu:)
May 27 2013 19:34 GMT bandsix
Thanks very much Wijnie...;)
May 27 2013 19:34 GMT bandsix
Thank you!
May 27 2013 19:51 GMT saffi9
im jealous of you now , ive never captured a blue jay , amazing features
May 27 2013 19:53 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave....it has been quite a few times, but I have never had the right camera available to do it justice...a tripod would have improved things a bit, but all in all I am happy with it!
May 29 2013 16:27 GMT superJoan
Barbara we see the Jay at Rudyard when we stay near the lake..Rather timid and soon flies away..I have to be careful not to move quickly when the camera comes out.
May 29 2013 19:30 GMT larrybenedict
First time I've heard anyone excited to see a Jay bird. Over here, they are mostly blue all over and scare away other birds from the feeders. It is a nice photo!
May 29 2013 21:29 GMT bandsix
They are surprisingly timid for such big birds, but so attractive too!
May 29 2013 21:31 GMT bandsix
Thanks Larry.....always a treat to see them, probably because they are quite timid and so don't hang around for long...at least, not when I am watching! I'm just pleased to have been able to capture a half decent image of one at last!
May 30 2013 18:02 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Congratulations on catching this rare beauty! I've never seen one at all in my garden.
May 30 2013 18:57 GMT bandsix
Thank you for your special comment hunju!!
May 30 2013 18:58 GMT bandsix
I've seen him quite a few times, Sylvia, but I've never had the right camera to capture him before....thank you.....
May 30 2013 19:36 GMT Mavrick
stunning capture
May 30 2013 20:57 GMT bandsix
Thank you....just had a look at some of your shots......absolutely amazing, will look in more detail very soon:))
Jun 12 2013 21:15 GMT gtc126
Outstanding Capture, so clear and colorful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 12 2013 21:15 GMT gtc126
Outstanding Capture, so clear and colorful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 13 2013 10:14 GMT bandsix
Thanks very much!