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and this is where Jeanmac's friend (me:)) chose her Rum Baba.....and I could just eat one now! They were the best I have ever tasted!!
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 07 2013 18:52 GMT Jeanmac
You enjoyed them so much you had another one later!!!
Dec 07 2013 20:55 GMT saffi9
im on a chlorestorel diet , this picture is torture :)
Dec 07 2013 22:04 GMT bandsix
well, it was hard, but I managed it....!!
Dec 07 2013 22:05 GMT bandsix
Sorry, Dave...I'll have yours then :))
Dec 07 2013 22:11 GMT elsje323
looks very tasty, difficult to make a choice
Dec 07 2013 23:49 GMT larrybenedict
I didn't see anything in the display case that I wouldn't like. What did you think about Naples overall?
Dec 08 2013 04:36 GMT aquiles PRO
100% TENTACIÓN !!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 08 2013 09:17 GMT Donjames
Yum...let me loose in there
Dec 08 2013 09:20 GMT skyball
Dec 08 2013 10:53 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a fabulous selection! So hard to choose just one - I'd have to have at least three!
Dec 08 2013 14:21 GMT bandsix
It was, but what I chose was lovely!
Dec 08 2013 14:22 GMT bandsix
Me neither, Larry.....I could have had one from all round the shop, as my Mum used to say:))
Naples was interesting...some very beautiful buildings, and some incredibly dirty, scruffy parts just off the main street.....posts to follow showing examples of both.....
Dec 08 2013 14:23 GMT bandsix
As Oscar Wilde said ' I can resist anything except temptation' so I just gave in:))
Dec 08 2013 14:23 GMT bandsix
after me, Don, after me ....:)
Dec 08 2013 14:23 GMT bandsix
not to be resisted, Geoff:)
Dec 08 2013 14:24 GMT bandsix
Well, there were three little rum babas in the first pot, and then I had another, so I suppose I did OK:)
Dec 08 2013 17:52 GMT mellie
they all look so good ... I would have a hard time picking out just one or two!
Dec 08 2013 18:29 GMT bandsix
Oh, they were good, mellie...very, very good!!!
Dec 10 2013 05:41 GMT Annamaria
It looks like everyone knows a rum baba... sorry.... haven't got a cue what it is...;-(
Can you please explain it to me.... ;-)
Dec 10 2013 15:47 GMT bandsix
Then you are missing a treat!! They are made from an enriched yeast dough, which is then proved to make it rise...makes it lovely and light, then the whole thing is soaked in rum syrup and served with cream, usually.....gorgeous!! The best ones I ever had were in Amalfi, but these came a close second:)))))
Dec 11 2013 05:36 GMT Annamaria
I must remember that ;-)
Dec 11 2013 15:48 GMT georgygirl2
ooooooo sooooooooo tempting!
Dec 11 2013 15:49 GMT georgygirl2
one of each please and god help my aching stomach!!!
Dec 20 2013 20:43 GMT Bellavista
Barbara, it is a picture which is a must to enlarge! I can't choose any of them.... may be the Profiterole at the bottom ... its rich chocolate sauce is really tempting for me!
I never tried Rum Baba, but I'm gonna try it when I ever will see some somewhere!
Dec 21 2013 10:28 GMT bandsix
me too! sorry I'm late acknowledging....it's Christmas, apparently....:))
Dec 21 2013 10:29 GMT bandsix
I am sure you would love a Rum Baba, Bea.....there is a Greek cafe near here which makes them, but they are nowhere near as nice as these Neapolitan ones!!