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Almost too late....again! Tried this recipe out today....looks just like the one in the picture, so was well pleased....tastes very nice too!!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 14 2014 19:23 GMT Jeanmac
Looks yummy,hope you are going to save me a piece!
Jun 14 2014 20:32 GMT abojovna PRO
Looks všery good and decorative!
Jun 14 2014 21:02 GMT Sheila PRO
Is that banana I see oozing it's deliciousness between layers?
Jun 14 2014 21:04 GMT bandsix
Depends when you are coming....:))
Jun 14 2014 21:04 GMT bandsix
Thanks Claudia.....
Jun 14 2014 21:05 GMT bandsix
No Sheila...it's lemon curd:)
Jun 14 2014 22:01 GMT gtc126
Wow!!!!!That looks Delicious!!!!!!!! I love lemon too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 15 2014 05:15 GMT daveb
Oh boy, I can taste it - lemony and just nicely moist
Jun 15 2014 07:57 GMT skyball
Nice one Barbara!!..I bet it was soon gone!!!!:-))
Jun 15 2014 08:43 GMT hallo
Looking at the picture says it all :)
Jun 15 2014 09:06 GMT ForestSpirit
I think we all wish we lived next door to you, Barbara, so we could come round and scrounge a piece! But just looking is a pleasure too.
Jun 15 2014 13:32 GMT Lalbabu
Agree with Sylvia.
Jun 15 2014 14:42 GMT Papagena
Mmmmmhhhhh, lemon is what I need with the warm weather we still have !! And I agree with Sylvia, of course !! ;+)))

I have just some minutes to comment before our National Football-Team will play his first match !! ;o)

Jun 15 2014 15:23 GMT martini957
Looks mighty good
Jun 15 2014 18:05 GMT bandsix
All gone now, Glenn...it was supposed to serve 16:))
Jun 15 2014 18:05 GMT bandsix
It was, Dave...thank you!
Jun 15 2014 18:06 GMT bandsix
Yes, Geoff...not 'here today and gone tomorrow' ....gone today!!
Jun 15 2014 18:07 GMT bandsix
Don't know what today's picture would say Samir.....maybe 'now you see it, now - you don't!'
Jun 15 2014 18:07 GMT bandsix
And you would be very welcome to share, Sylvia.....I'm glad it's all gone, as it's back to the 5:2 diet again tomorrow and Tuesday :((
Jun 15 2014 18:08 GMT bandsix
Thank you Lalbabu:)
Jun 15 2014 18:08 GMT bandsix
Not very warm here today, Ruth...the central heating has just come on:))
I hope your team wins!!
Jun 15 2014 18:08 GMT bandsix
It was, Nancy....!!
Jun 15 2014 18:38 GMT Papagena
Thank you for your wishes Barbara !! And indeed they did win even if it was not really easy for them against Ecuador...!!!
Jun 16 2014 07:46 GMT Sheila PRO
Even better!
Jun 16 2014 08:51 GMT MargNZ
Delicious looking cake and well photographed Barbara .... yum :))
Jun 16 2014 16:30 GMT bandsix
I agree:)))
Jun 16 2014 16:31 GMT bandsix
I could just eat a piece now, but it' s diet day....and it''s all gone anyway!
Jun 17 2014 17:55 GMT georgygirl2
well you could have sent me a piece!
Jun 17 2014 19:18 GMT bandsix
I didn't know you liked it.........and it's diet day again, so I could eat a scabby dog!
Jun 18 2014 18:24 GMT georgygirl2
i like anything that looks like that!
Jun 18 2014 19:00 GMT bandsix
Me too.......had fish and chips tonight to make up for yesterday.....I did the chips, other half and friend drove to the chippy and waited for the fish to be cooked....
Jun 23 2014 16:35 GMT poshbird
That looks delicous!
Jun 23 2014 21:00 GMT bandsix
Thank you Paula....it was!! Nice to see you posting again:))))