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No, not me in a drunken brawl...I'm TT !! This was written on the beam directly above the open fire:))
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 17 2012 15:46 GMT Foggydew
Lesson - watch out for the demon drink:)
Nov 17 2012 15:51 GMT hans55 PRO
great !! ...but who was Edmund Buckley ??
Nov 17 2012 16:27 GMT skyball
Probably tripped over the bar maid:-))....nice one!!!!.......
Nov 17 2012 16:50 GMT saffi9
you drink in some rough places :)
Nov 17 2012 18:21 GMT hallo
It couldn't have been Sir Edmund Buckley :))
Nov 17 2012 20:06 GMT Donjames
Hmmmmm thinking....yup I agree with Dave.......
Nov 17 2012 20:50 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Dave, great shot, Barbara..:-))
Nov 17 2012 21:31 GMT T1MELESS PRO
What a memory !!!! great find Barbara !!
Nov 17 2012 21:51 GMT Papagena
Haha, a long long time ago !! I wouldn't have been at ease there ! ;^)
Nov 18 2012 03:38 GMT potterjo
: ) I guess not if you go to a pub and have tea. Nice warning to stay out of drunken brawls!
Nov 18 2012 11:10 GMT bandsix
Thanks hunju..:)
Nov 18 2012 11:11 GMT bandsix
Demon drink is not one of my vices Foggy...now demon chocolate is another matter!
Nov 18 2012 11:12 GMT bandsix
I don't know who he was Hans..they didn't know in the pub, and I have Googled him, but only came up with Sir Edmund Buckley..and I don't think it was him:))
Nov 18 2012 11:12 GMT bandsix
Funnier things have happened Geoff..! Thanks:)
Nov 18 2012 11:13 GMT bandsix
Yes, I'm well known for it Dave!
Nov 18 2012 11:13 GMT bandsix
I don't suppose it could, Samir!...but then again.......:)
Nov 18 2012 11:14 GMT bandsix
Nov 18 2012 11:14 GMT bandsix
Thanks Wijnie...so you agree with Dave? !!
Nov 18 2012 11:14 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jim!
Nov 18 2012 11:15 GMT bandsix
I'm sure you would Ruth....it was a lovely warm welcoming place...and no evidence of ghosties and ghoulies:))
Nov 18 2012 11:18 GMT bandsix
We ate 'tea' here Jo....depending which part of the UK you are in 'dinner' is at lunchtime...and 'tea' is at dinnertime.....but not always...it's a bit confusing. Then you can have a cup of tea after your 'tea' :)) The food was very nice, too!
Nov 18 2012 15:24 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Love the old beams. Great find. He must have been important to get such a memorial :)
Nov 18 2012 15:49 GMT Annamaria
Always nice to know what has happened in the old days....;-)) I think it was a warning for the people of these days....;-)
Nov 18 2012 16:32 GMT bandsix
Thank you Mary....I'd like to find out:)
Nov 18 2012 16:32 GMT bandsix
I think you're right Anna-Maria!
Nov 18 2012 18:58 GMT peterpinhole
If the walls could talk!
TT,s a lot safer:))
Nov 18 2012 20:44 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
And after all these years lots of people are still behaving badly in pubs.
Not me, though - I share your chocolate vice!
Nov 19 2012 18:06 GMT bandsix
Wouldn't they have a tale or two to tell? Perhaps it's as well they can't:))
Nov 19 2012 18:07 GMT bandsix
Plus ca change etc.......! and chocolate is not that bad a vice really.......:))
Nov 19 2012 19:23 GMT Bellavista
funny old place.... !! :-)) anyway.. better way to die...as in cancer!