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To be absolutely honest, one contains gin and tonic, and the other is just tonic, but you can't tell the difference to look at them!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 01 2012 12:08 GMT Foggydew
you could tell afterwards :)
Apr 01 2012 12:09 GMT bandsix
Yes, I could Foggy...no migraine:))
Apr 01 2012 12:28 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
I'd have drunk the one without the gin too, Barbara!
Apr 01 2012 12:59 GMT sini
Great image!:)
Apr 01 2012 13:53 GMT Annamaria
I never have tasted gin/tonic.... when I was younger I sometimes took martin/tonic.... But that is a looong time ago....

I like your glasses...;-)
Apr 01 2012 14:55 GMT elsje323
nice image
Apr 01 2012 15:17 GMT bandsix
Apr 01 2012 15:18 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sini...
Apr 01 2012 15:21 GMT bandsix
I have tried it Anna-Maria a long time ago, and it was OK....but not OK enough for me to want it again! Thanks for the comment about the glasses, they were free from a Daily newspaper...two of each type of glass -wine, champagne and tumblers! So the price was right:))
Apr 01 2012 15:21 GMT bandsix
I think even water tastes so much better from a nice glass!
Apr 01 2012 15:21 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida.....
Apr 01 2012 15:32 GMT happysnaper
Brilliant shot Barbara.
Apr 01 2012 15:47 GMT hallo
Beautiful reflections...My favorite drink on a flight, of course the one with :)
Apr 01 2012 15:58 GMT bandsix
Thanks Tony....
Apr 01 2012 15:59 GMT bandsix
Thank you Samir....I can supply the G & T but not the flight I'm afraid!
Apr 01 2012 17:22 GMT Annamaria
You are so right, barbara! I don't really care for alcoholic drinks too...
Apr 01 2012 20:13 GMT superJoan
Tonic is often my tipple..on it's own...cheers
Apr 01 2012 21:13 GMT Bellavista
don't know but got thirsty now...:-))
Apr 01 2012 21:29 GMT bandsix
It's a nice drink to quench a thirst, isn't it?!
Apr 01 2012 21:30 GMT bandsix
Just tonic Bea, or would you want gin with that? :))
Apr 01 2012 21:32 GMT Bellavista
a Margarita please :-))
Apr 01 2012 21:35 GMT bandsix
OK...what's in one of those? Perhaps I should google it....:)