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I love finches...but they really are messy eaters!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 11 2014 11:05 GMT Papagena
Cute finch !! I suppose somebody did feed him....A great idea for this theme Barbara !!

Btw. I am sure you could enjoy a lot your great day !! As I could note also thanks to Jeanmac !! ;+))) lol
Jul 11 2014 11:58 GMT saffi9
love the shot barbara ,did you cook and pluck him first
Jul 11 2014 12:28 GMT hans55 PRO
a nice entry !!
Jul 11 2014 13:55 GMT Lalbabu
A superb shot Barbara,think it had spotted you !!!!
Jul 11 2014 14:48 GMT wijnie58
Thats a funny entry, Barbara...I love it..:-))
Jul 11 2014 15:04 GMT Sheila PRO
You didn't supply serviettes??
Jul 11 2014 15:19 GMT martini957
Cool shot...messy or not : ))
Jul 11 2014 15:36 GMT superJoan
Lovely green finch enjoyjng his breakfast
Jul 11 2014 16:50 GMT skyball
Very nice catch here Barbara!!..lovely catch!!!!!.......
Jul 11 2014 18:01 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Finch Capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 11 2014 20:45 GMT Jeanmac
It's no wonder all these birds keep coming back to your restaurant you have such an assortment t of seeds for them!!!
Jul 11 2014 21:03 GMT larrybenedict
Over here, they are called Lesser Gold Finches. I only see them in Winter here....I've been told that this is the Winter color for the American Goldfinch, but I didn't verify that information. I quit feeding them because of the mess and they were wasting a lot of sunflower seeds which have become fairly expensive (double the price) in recent years. I used to feed 50 pounds of seeds per week in the Winter months in three feeders. The more I put out, the more birds would come...mostly the ones you posted here (in huge numbers). I do miss the other birds that would come in fewer numbers.
Jul 11 2014 21:52 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ruth...and yes, I had a lovely day...and a lovely evening, courtesy of Jeanmac!
Jul 11 2014 21:52 GMT bandsix
You should be doing stand-up Dave! :)))
Jul 11 2014 21:53 GMT bandsix
Thanks Hans!
Jul 11 2014 21:53 GMT bandsix
I think you're right, Lalbabu!
Jul 11 2014 21:53 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie.....he's not a regular like the others:))
Jul 11 2014 21:54 GMT bandsix
They just keep tearing them up, Sheila!
Jul 11 2014 21:54 GMT bandsix
Thank you Nancy......
Jul 11 2014 21:54 GMT bandsix
Thank you Joan......
Jul 11 2014 21:55 GMT bandsix
Thank you Geoff:)
Jul 11 2014 21:55 GMT bandsix
Thanks Glenn........
Jul 11 2014 21:55 GMT bandsix
I like to look after them...:))
Jul 11 2014 21:58 GMT bandsix
That's an awful lot of seed to put out....I thought I was generous with them! I provide sunflower hearts, suet pellets and dried mealworms.....and have to refill the dish and surrounding wall at least three times a day! Gives me plenty of entertainment:))
Jul 12 2014 01:32 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Well spotted Barbara !!!!
Jul 12 2014 06:59 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jim!
Jul 12 2014 08:33 GMT skyball
Well worth all that effort.. to get these lovely shots!!:-))
Jul 12 2014 08:52 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff....taken through the window so not the best, but I keep trying:)
Jul 12 2014 13:32 GMT hallo
He's not bothered :)
Jul 14 2014 23:04 GMT will
Iii agree, great entertainment here...!..)
Jul 15 2014 11:01 GMT bandsix
No, I don't think he is...:)