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NOT MY PHOTO! But wanted to share this lovely photo of a young shoebill that was rescued from a mud hut in an African village, having been poached whilst a chick, ready for selling on...
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 13 2013 15:04 GMT senna3
A touching image!
Apr 13 2013 15:33 GMT peterpinhole
Looks prehistoric....thanks for sharing.
Apr 13 2013 15:37 GMT Bellavista
what an innocent smile given from the nature....
Apr 13 2013 15:58 GMT ujbanyiv
Wow! Excellent Nature Photo.
Apr 13 2013 16:01 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter....
Apr 13 2013 16:02 GMT bandsix
Thanks hunju!
Apr 13 2013 16:02 GMT bandsix
They do look prehistoric, don't they Peter?...I think you could say they are so ugly that they are attractive!
Apr 13 2013 16:03 GMT bandsix
I can see what you mean, Bea! I smiled back when I saw this image...:)
Apr 13 2013 16:24 GMT skyball
Beautiful closeup Barbara!............
Apr 13 2013 16:25 GMT saffi9
great story id love to see one
Apr 13 2013 16:40 GMT 25barb
What a sad story but apparenty a good ending
A wonderful photo done with great sensitivity...It is heartfelt.
Super details and a great eye capture
Apr 13 2013 18:49 GMT Annamaria
I agree with Peter! It does look prehistoric!! Very special looking bird!!
Apr 13 2013 20:26 GMT Bigbear10
What an amazing bird and picture
Apr 13 2013 21:07 GMT Papagena
Thanks for sharing this lovely shoebill picture Barbara !! Indeed the story is sad but as we say in German "Ende gut, Alles gut" what does mean in English: "All is well that ends well" !! ;^)
Apr 13 2013 21:59 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
It looks strange and funny, but so very endearing! So glad it was rescued!
Apr 13 2013 23:19 GMT georgygirl2
great shot, i would like to see one too!
Apr 14 2013 02:11 GMT potterjo
wish people wouldn't need to poach.... so sad. It is a great photo.
Apr 14 2013 03:27 GMT pauli3522
poor bird..i am so happy that he was rescued ...great moment for him too
Apr 14 2013 04:41 GMT hallo
It grew very fast :)
Apr 14 2013 09:02 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff...wish it was me that took it!
Apr 14 2013 09:03 GMT bandsix
Apr 14 2013 09:04 GMT bandsix
There are some other great photos on the link Barb...a heartwarming story:))
Apr 14 2013 09:04 GMT bandsix
Thank you Anna-Maria:)
Apr 14 2013 09:05 GMT bandsix
It is a nice story, Tony, and the photos are great....wish I had been the photographer!
Apr 14 2013 09:06 GMT bandsix
Very true, Ruth...at least in this case it was:))
Apr 14 2013 09:07 GMT bandsix
So strange as to be fascinating, Sylvia! I'd love to see one in reality...but not in a zoo:))
Apr 14 2013 09:07 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ann:))
Apr 14 2013 09:08 GMT bandsix
Poachers are still causing havoc in the natural world...wish there was a way to stop it more effectively...
Apr 14 2013 09:09 GMT bandsix
If you look at the link, there are some more really nice photos of her.....she is described as being like 'a naughty puppy'!!
Apr 14 2013 09:09 GMT bandsix
She stands about 4 feet tall Samir....and eats baby crocodiles for lunch...watch out!
Apr 14 2013 09:50 GMT abojovna PRO
I never saw those! Thank you for sharing, Barbara!
Apr 14 2013 10:30 GMT elsje323
beautiful close-up
Apr 14 2013 16:14 GMT bandsix
You're most welcome, Claudia:))
Apr 14 2013 16:14 GMT bandsix
It's not my photo, Ida, but it's a beauty:))
Apr 14 2013 19:28 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A great shot of this bird regardless of who took it!!!
Apr 14 2013 19:46 GMT Zodyak
Very interesting bird, shoebill :)
Apr 15 2013 01:09 GMT martini957
Evil humans...so happy this bird was rescued
Apr 15 2013 21:35 GMT wijnie58
I agree with everyone Barbara...Amazing...:-))
Apr 16 2013 00:59 GMT larrybenedict
When you were talking to Samir about "her" standing about 4 ft. tall, were you talking about the Shoebill?
Apr 16 2013 03:16 GMT linnywv PRO
What an amazing bill! He almost looks like he is grinning!
Apr 16 2013 11:08 GMT MargNZ
I like happy endings Barbara .... thank you for sharing this heartwarming story and photo :)
Apr 17 2013 20:05 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jim, you're quite right:)
Apr 17 2013 20:06 GMT bandsix
They are indeed, Zodyak!
Apr 17 2013 20:06 GMT bandsix
me too, Nancy:)
Apr 17 2013 20:06 GMT bandsix
Thanks Wijnie:))
Apr 17 2013 20:07 GMT bandsix
Yes, Larry, it's a female shoebill.........:)
Apr 17 2013 20:07 GMT bandsix
I think she is Linda...probably pleased to be free at last!
Apr 17 2013 20:08 GMT bandsix
Me, too, Margaret...hope they can save more of them:)