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This one is for MargNZ....this was in my morning paper Margaret, and having seen he is a friend of yours I thought you may like to see this....the world has you all in its thoughts.....
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 28 2011 09:29 GMT hans55 PRO
its very sad ...our thoughts are with NZ now !!
Feb 28 2011 09:41 GMT MargNZ
Thank you Barbara ... this just blew me away !
Feb 28 2011 11:29 GMT ujbanyiv
Shocking and Dramatic Photo.
Feb 28 2011 14:04 GMT bandsix
Yes, hans, they are...thank you
Feb 28 2011 14:05 GMT bandsix
It is, sisn't it ujbanyiv...drives the message home as words can't, perhaps....
Feb 28 2011 15:32 GMT Annamaria
That picture says it all.......
Feb 28 2011 15:35 GMT poshbird
A picture speaks a thousand words!!
Feb 28 2011 16:33 GMT senna3
Yes, a very telling image Barbara. Such a thoughtful gesture to Margaret.
Feb 28 2011 16:47 GMT bandsix
it does Anna-Maria.....
Feb 28 2011 16:48 GMT bandsix
That's so true Paula....
Feb 28 2011 16:48 GMT bandsix
Thanks Peter....
Feb 28 2011 17:58 GMT Papagena
I agree completely with senna3 !! So many sad occurences this year !!

Feb 28 2011 18:32 GMT bandsix
Yes, Ruth, the world is in quite a mess one way and another.....
Feb 28 2011 18:46 GMT Donjames
This photograph really hits home....so sad, and yes our thoughts and prayers are with all the folk in NZ.
Feb 28 2011 18:49 GMT bandsix
thanks for the comment Don....
Feb 28 2011 19:07 GMT FLUMP
I agree with Paula, a picture conveys so much more than words ever can...we are thinking of everyone in NZ at this time
Mar 01 2011 00:32 GMT martini957
Bless him.....so heartbreaking
Mar 01 2011 00:52 GMT potterjo
My thoughts are with the people in NZ. Whoever took the picture caught the emotions, no words needed. Thanks for posting.
Mar 01 2011 07:49 GMT bandsix
it is Nancy....
Mar 01 2011 07:50 GMT bandsix
thanks for the comment Jo.....
Mar 02 2011 13:31 GMT LizSA
a lovely tribute to our friends in NZ and around the world..!!!
Mar 02 2011 18:40 GMT bandsix
thank you Liz...
Apr 20 2011 02:54 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Very nice....we all need to shed a tear for our world!
Apr 20 2011 18:39 GMT bandsix
We certainly do Jim....it just seems to be one thing after another (but so many man-made disasters, too....)