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This lamp hasn't got a wonky shade...it's the floor that slopes in the pub we had lunch in last Friday....but it is 700 years old, so I suppose you can expect the odd little quirk :))
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2013 17:47 GMT Labkhand
Clear Shot
Oct 22 2013 18:43 GMT larrybenedict
I would love to go inside a building that is 700 years old and imagine all that this building has seen. We don't have this sort of thing in the U. S. or at least I am not aware of it if we do.
Oct 22 2013 18:56 GMT Annamaria
It looks like a little ghostlamp, Barbara! I hope you had a nice lunch! ;-))
Oct 22 2013 19:05 GMT hans55 PRO
great old pub ... iff the walls gould talk ... ! :-)
Oct 22 2013 19:24 GMT wijnie58
Lovely picture of this old building, Barbara..:-))
Oct 22 2013 20:50 GMT georgygirl2
it all adds to the character! lol
Oct 23 2013 03:43 GMT martini957
looks like a pretty cool place to visit
Oct 23 2013 04:34 GMT hallo
Rembrandt atmosphere!
Oct 23 2013 08:11 GMT skyball
Be interesting to see an outside shot Barbara!!!!!!!........
Oct 23 2013 09:59 GMT bandsix
Thank you Labkhand.....
Oct 23 2013 10:00 GMT bandsix
It's certainly an interesting place to have lunch...and like you, I sat there and said 'if only these walls could talk!' ...... or perhaps it's as well we can't hear them :))
Oct 23 2013 10:02 GMT bandsix
It was a lovely lunch, Anna-Maria....they do a daily cold buffet with hand cooked beef, hams and a wonderful cheese and onion pie - we had to wait for it coming out of the oven last week...and the puddings are delicious, too!
Oct 23 2013 10:02 GMT bandsix
My thoughts exactly, Hans!
Oct 23 2013 10:02 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie:)
Oct 23 2013 10:03 GMT bandsix
It certainly does, Ann, but it's a bit funny when everything is at a slight angle....at least when you're sober it's not quite as worrying!
Oct 23 2013 10:03 GMT bandsix
Pretty cool is right, Nancy!
Oct 23 2013 10:06 GMT bandsix
I hadn't thought of that until I read your comment, Samir....but it is!
Oct 23 2013 10:07 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff..the collage is for you:)
Oct 23 2013 13:23 GMT Annamaria
Sounds delicious, Barbara!!
Oct 23 2013 15:34 GMT bandsix
Thanks, Anna-Maria, it was...well, the cheese and onion pie was anyway!!
Oct 27 2013 20:58 GMT Bellavista
Gosh, it is older than the history of the States!
Oct 28 2013 15:05 GMT aquiles PRO
Oct 28 2013 18:53 GMT bandsix
Oct 28 2013 18:53 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the comment, aquiles:)