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These stones on the edge of this house caught my eye whilst sitting at the traffic lights this morning....
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 06 2012 18:43 GMT happysnaper
Very handy way to get to the roff super shot and good catch.
Mar 06 2012 18:44 GMT bandsix
Never thought of that...:)
Mar 06 2012 19:24 GMT Annamaria
Nice find....;-))
Mar 06 2012 20:03 GMT wijnie58
Great find...:-))
Mar 06 2012 20:14 GMT bandsix
Thank you:)
Mar 06 2012 20:14 GMT bandsix
Thanks Wijnie....
Mar 06 2012 20:36 GMT hallo
The builders got fed up using small stones and grabbed the larger ones to finish the job :)
Mar 06 2012 21:30 GMT Bellavista
I like the hills at the right as well!
Mar 07 2012 02:22 GMT martini957
Mar 07 2012 04:32 GMT larrybenedict
It is a curiosity to me too Barbara. I wonder (if at one time) there may have been an adjoining building sharing the protruding stones in the back wall and these simply have not been chipped away. I noticed the the masonry work was not as uniform as that on the front of the building and that parts of the chimney has been re-pointed.
My first impression was the same as the "happy snapper", but that doesn't seem practical.
Mar 07 2012 07:30 GMT Donjames
I guess they ran out of cash to extend or the builder forgot to trim the bricks, either way interesting photograph
Mar 07 2012 14:41 GMT Papagena
Great observation Barbara !! Hmmh, burglers could take adavantage of them to go inside the house !! ;(
Mar 07 2012 16:29 GMT bandsix
Very possibly Samir....!
Mar 07 2012 16:30 GMT bandsix
It's a very hilly area Bea.......!
Mar 07 2012 16:32 GMT bandsix
That's what I thought, too......
Mar 07 2012 16:35 GMT bandsix
I don't think so somehow Larry, because it is a much newer build than the house next door the other way.....it's also quite a steep drop at the side ....I will have to ask if ever I am walking past there....I am almost certain it's not to climb up to the roof :)). But then you never know round these parts ...!
Mar 07 2012 16:36 GMT bandsix
I am definitely going to have to find out Don......just 'cos I am curious too......
Mar 07 2012 16:37 GMT bandsix
Now there's a thought!!
Mar 07 2012 18:17 GMT elsje323
great find
Mar 07 2012 18:20 GMT bandsix
thank you Ida...!
Mar 09 2012 04:24 GMT legs4daze PRO
it seems to be an elderly structure, the antennae sticking up on top looks forlorn. don't you love to be sitting in traffic and "see something"?! driving can be quite hazardous sometimes for that very reason! good you were stopped, i should try that more often haha.
Mar 09 2012 16:34 GMT bandsix
I don't think it's as old as it may appear....and yes, there is plenty of opportunity to be sitting in traffic here at the moment, as almost every road seems to have road works with temporary traffic lights!!