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Tags tom cat pond


Remind me again - why do I give him fresh water in a clean dish every day?
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Comments on this photo:

May 07 2011 15:35 GMT saffi9
because hes the boss :)
May 07 2011 16:15 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Typical cat! Mine are always drinking out of the birds' water dish.
May 07 2011 16:25 GMT peterpinhole
hope you don't have fish in there:)
May 07 2011 17:46 GMT WHITEDOVE
Hahaha cats drink everywhere
May 07 2011 18:25 GMT bandsix
You've said it :))
May 07 2011 18:25 GMT bandsix
Aren't they the limit?!!
May 07 2011 18:25 GMT bandsix
Just tadpoles :)) probably a few less now!
May 07 2011 18:26 GMT bandsix
I wonder why they like dirty water?...must be a cat thing!
May 07 2011 18:41 GMT sini
Lovely capture!:)
May 07 2011 18:45 GMT Pea2007
Our Cat would never drink freshwater she always went down to the lake for few mouthfulls.
May 07 2011 19:20 GMT Annamaria
I think he is attracted by the fish....;-)
May 08 2011 13:53 GMT bandsix
Thank you sini :)
May 08 2011 13:53 GMT bandsix
Bet your lake was cleaner than my pond...!
May 08 2011 13:53 GMT bandsix
You could be right Anna-Maria... :))
May 08 2011 14:43 GMT will
Searching for the odd fish? Or maybe the odd snake..:)
May 08 2011 15:33 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Where does he keep his rod and line.:-))
May 08 2011 17:38 GMT bandsix
He'll be lucky Will.....no fish in there, and I sincerely hope no snakes either!!
May 08 2011 17:39 GMT bandsix
In the shed...he's very well trained !!
May 08 2011 18:03 GMT skyball
I think he is testing the water:-))...great shot!!!!......
May 08 2011 18:12 GMT will
Hope not, Barbara. But if there is one you know he will be the one to find it...let's just hope he doesn't carry it into the house with him..:))
May 08 2011 18:18 GMT Donjames
Wonderful photo, Demi refuses to drink water that is not fresh, we change hers 3 three times a day.......
May 08 2011 18:21 GMT bandsix
I thought he was going to fall in....his old hips aren't what they were, and he was a bit tottery...thought I was going to have to fish him out!!
May 08 2011 18:22 GMT bandsix
She's obviously a lady, Don and my old Tom is a tramp!!
May 08 2011 18:27 GMT Donjames
Boys will be boys and girls will be girls me thinks...hahaha
May 08 2011 18:28 GMT bandsix
May 08 2011 21:40 GMT MargNZ
Delightful sneaky shot of Tom ... love this Barbara :)
May 09 2011 07:32 GMT bandsix
Thanks Margaret!! He's also a bit deaf now, so he doesn't hear me sneak up on him... :))
May 09 2011 20:07 GMT larrybenedict
It's a neat photo. Tom doesn't mind if you provide fresh water as long as he's not required to drink it. If cats could think, he might be thinking that he has YOU trained
People drink flavored water.....why wouldn't cats like to do the same. Spice of life and all that.........
May 09 2011 21:11 GMT bandsix
I hadn't thought of it that way Larry - you could be right!! (he knows he's got me trained, too :)) )
May 11 2011 09:18 GMT ankaa
caught in a very nice photo. congratulations....
May 11 2011 16:24 GMT bandsix
Thank you ankaa :)