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two of the 25 lovely donkeys housed at the Elizabeth Svendsen sanctuary...we saw them on a walk on Saturday afternoon.....
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2012 17:11 GMT saffi9
lovely shot barbara that jacket looks a bit tight
Oct 22 2012 17:11 GMT senna3
Donkeys always arise touching feelings with me!
Oct 22 2012 17:12 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful white donkeys!!
Oct 22 2012 17:42 GMT Lie
Great donkey shot !
Oct 22 2012 18:11 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Aren't they lovely! Don't think I've seen white donkeys before.
Oct 22 2012 18:12 GMT elsje323
lovely donkey shot
Oct 22 2012 20:57 GMT MrNasty
i saw a house today and a car and a stone and a leaf and a big dog poo and a plane and a shop and a phychatrist
Oct 22 2012 21:11 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave...
Oct 22 2012 21:12 GMT bandsix
Me too Peter....thank you....
Oct 22 2012 21:13 GMT bandsix
There were more white donkeys than brown ones here...:)
Oct 22 2012 21:13 GMT bandsix
Thanks Lie.....
Oct 22 2012 21:14 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sylvia....there were quite a lot of white donkeys here!
Oct 22 2012 21:14 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida:)
Oct 22 2012 21:15 GMT bandsix
Pity you can't spell.
Oct 23 2012 01:19 GMT potterjo
Cute pair,
Oct 23 2012 01:24 GMT janos
Oct 23 2012 02:07 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Nice find Barbara !!!!!
Oct 23 2012 06:09 GMT mellie
These are lovely ... wonderful shot, Barbara.
Oct 23 2012 09:55 GMT MargNZ
Nice to think they are well looked after Barbara . I have never seen white donkeys before :)
Oct 23 2012 13:28 GMT bandsix
thanks Jo....:)
Oct 23 2012 13:28 GMT bandsix
Thanks janos:)
Oct 23 2012 13:29 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jim.....
Oct 23 2012 13:29 GMT bandsix
mellie, thanks:)
Oct 23 2012 13:32 GMT bandsix
I can't say I have either Margaret, there were quite a lot of them at the sanctuary. We adopted one years ago at the original sanctuary in Sidmouth ,Devon, but he has now been moved to Yorkshire. We saw him a while ago.....still doing well!
Oct 23 2012 14:48 GMT hans55 PRO
beautiful white donkey's !!
Oct 23 2012 15:48 GMT martini957
So cool...I've never seen a white one before
Oct 23 2012 16:16 GMT 25barb
Adorable. they are posing so well for you...
It would be great to see these donkeys in real life - and they look so small.
Thanks for sharing this photo. Each day we can learn something from this site.
Oct 23 2012 17:43 GMT bandsix
Thank you Hans:)
Oct 23 2012 17:46 GMT bandsix
thank you Nancy..Donkeys today come in all shapes, sizes, colours and coat texture. The most common coat colour is grey, followed by brown and then black, roan and broken coloured donkeys (a combination of brown-and-white or black-and-white markings) and the rarest colour is pure white.(extract from the Donkey Sanctuary website in Sidmouth, Devon)
Oct 23 2012 17:47 GMT bandsix
Thank you Barb...they were very amenable...and quite small, as you have pointed out....I think they were both feeling a little sleepy:))
Oct 23 2012 18:58 GMT hallo
Very nice capture in Black & White :))
Oct 23 2012 21:03 GMT bandsix
Oct 23 2012 21:17 GMT wijnie58
What a beautiful white donkeys...I love them....:-))
Oct 24 2012 08:49 GMT bandsix
They were lovely for sure!