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I was amazed to see these cards the other day......not something I have seen before.....
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 22 2013 17:33 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a surprise, Barbara. I wonder if they'll catch on.
Anyway, a Happy St.George's Day to you tomorrow!
Apr 22 2013 17:36 GMT bandsix
And to you, too Sylvia.....thank you!
Apr 22 2013 18:14 GMT abojovna PRO
Happy St.GeorgeĀ“s Day!
Apr 22 2013 18:22 GMT wijnie58
Lovely image, Barbara...Happy St. George's Day.!
Apr 22 2013 18:34 GMT hallo
I wish you A Happy Day too on same occasion..
Apr 22 2013 19:04 GMT hans55 PRO
nice cards collection !!
Apr 22 2013 19:27 GMT mellie
How nice! :-)
Apr 23 2013 04:44 GMT Annamaria
Very colourfull! Whats "St.George-day"? Have a great day!....;-)
Apr 23 2013 06:23 GMT bandsix
Thank you Claudia....:)
Apr 23 2013 17:15 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie..:)
Apr 23 2013 17:16 GMT bandsix
Thank you hallo...the symbol for St George's Day is a red rose:)))
Apr 23 2013 17:16 GMT bandsix
Thank you Hans..:)
Apr 23 2013 17:16 GMT bandsix
Thanks mellie:)
Apr 23 2013 17:18 GMT bandsix
Thank you Anna-Maria...it's our National Day...like St. Patrick for Ireland, St. David for Wales and St. Andrew for Scotland....but the English aren't as enthusiastic about this day as the other people are for theirs........
Apr 23 2013 17:52 GMT Annamaria
Well, at least its an extra day off, Barbara! ;-)) Thanks for the explanation.

Next tuesdat we will have a National Day: Queensday. It will be the last time they celebrate on April 30th. On that day our Crown Prince Willem Alexander will be crowned as the new King of Holland. His Birthday will be celebrated starting 2014 on April 27th, which is the date of his Birthday....;-)
Apr 23 2013 18:27 GMT elsje323
happy st. Georges's day, great collection
Apr 23 2013 19:18 GMT skyball
I also have not seen St George day cards before Barbara!!..I believe he originated from Turkey!...a nice catch though!!!!!!......
Apr 23 2013 21:05 GMT bandsix
No day off Anna-Maria! There is a group campaigning for it, but it hasn't happened:)
Hope the Dutch coronation goes well.....
Apr 23 2013 21:05 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida...:)
Apr 23 2013 21:06 GMT bandsix
I thought he was Turkish, too, Geoff, but I heard on TV tonight that he was Palestinian...whatever, he certainly wasn't English:)
Apr 23 2013 23:53 GMT larrybenedict
I've enjoyed reading all the comments. I should read more and talk less. I found myself scanning the card rack for a red rose.........without finding one. I don't think the U.S. has a Saint to celebrate. We're a country of immigrants, so they all get celebrated I guess. I don't go in to much for that sort of thing. Probably my English blood.
Apr 24 2013 01:01 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Is it St George's day Barbara ??? :-)) Sorry i havent been commenting lately,computer problems.!!
Apr 24 2013 15:48 GMT saffi9
well spotted about time id say :)
Apr 24 2013 19:15 GMT skyball
We live and learnII:-))..
Apr 25 2013 02:38 GMT potterjo
Happy St. George's Day!
Apr 25 2013 19:07 GMT bandsix
You're so funny, Larry....:))
Apr 25 2013 19:08 GMT bandsix
Yes, it was...sorry I have commented lately....lazy problems!!
Apr 25 2013 19:08 GMT bandsix
Yep, I'm with you there Dave....:)
Apr 25 2013 19:09 GMT bandsix
We do indeed Geoff...and then we die and forget it all.....so I hear:)
Apr 25 2013 19:09 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jo!