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Our little sweetie pie, Thomas, who died on 12th July last year, aged 20...still very much missed:)
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 26 2012 18:55 GMT marijke06
so old, good boy.....great entry in 2012!:)
Apr 26 2012 18:56 GMT happysnaper
Beautiful image Barbara he had a long life think of the good times you had.
Apr 26 2012 19:07 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Sweet old Tom - beloved pets stay in our hearts forever.
Apr 26 2012 19:24 GMT mellie
Beautiful shot ... always in your heart.
Apr 26 2012 19:54 GMT elsje323
sweet shot can imagine that you miss him still very much
Apr 26 2012 20:45 GMT Annamaria
I can imagine that you miss him, Barbara!! He was a great looking cat!
Apr 26 2012 20:50 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful memories, Barbara. You will miss him...:-))
Apr 26 2012 20:51 GMT hans55 PRO
20 is very old even for a cat ...a good entry !!
Apr 26 2012 21:26 GMT bandsix
Thanks Marijke ....
Apr 26 2012 21:27 GMT bandsix
We certainly did Tony...he could be a little Monkey sometimes!
Apr 26 2012 21:28 GMT bandsix
They certainly do Sylvia.....
Apr 26 2012 21:28 GMT bandsix
That's very true......:)
Apr 26 2012 21:29 GMT bandsix
We do Ida, he is buried in our garden, so he is never far away:))
Apr 26 2012 21:29 GMT bandsix
We thought so, too, Anna-Maria...but then we were biased!
Apr 26 2012 21:30 GMT bandsix
Yes, we do Wijnie, but we also know he had a good life with us after a very bad start in life in a cruel home......
Apr 26 2012 21:31 GMT bandsix
Thanks Hans...don't know what he would think of being the next thumbnail picture to a mouse!!
Apr 26 2012 21:40 GMT hamid2010
Soooooo cute . lovely shot :)
Apr 26 2012 21:42 GMT bandsix
Thank you :)
Apr 26 2012 23:18 GMT larrybenedict
Thomas had a hard life for sure!.....probably didn't even notice the transition from this world to the other.
Apr 27 2012 01:37 GMT Milibuh
Purrr fect !!!
Apr 27 2012 02:17 GMT martini957
So very precious....sorry for the loss of this sweetie in your life
Apr 27 2012 02:26 GMT T1MELESS PRO
He looked like he had a great time while was with you Barbara !!!!
Apr 27 2012 04:34 GMT jomoud PRO
Losing a pet is losing a family member
I hope that the happy memories overshadow the sad one Barbara
Nice entry.
Have a terrific weekend
Apr 27 2012 05:07 GMT sini
So sweet entry!:)
Apr 27 2012 05:32 GMT Squirrel PRO
LOVELY SHOT AND ENTRY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Apr 27 2012 11:19 GMT skyball
A well loved Puss in its time Barbara!!..so sad when they go!!..a nice memory shot!!!!!....
Apr 27 2012 11:24 GMT superJoan
Barbara how lovely..my sister-in-law has just lost her little Miffie after 20 years....
Apr 27 2012 13:59 GMT TinaRTiller
what a snug kitty! aw!
Apr 27 2012 19:48 GMT martini957
Wonderful shot of Thomas...I can well understand the missing....so easy to add a pet into our world and so sad to have to say goodbye
Apr 27 2012 20:19 GMT pauli3522
wow..i have never met a cat 20 years old..he must have been very tender and loved for all your family
Apr 28 2012 04:44 GMT Pea2007
Apr 28 2012 06:43 GMT senna3
Beautifully photographed!
The last pictures of our pets are always very precious.
Apr 28 2012 11:13 GMT saffi9
looks like he had a great life
Apr 28 2012 13:54 GMT bandsix
Thanks Larry....he did have a hard life initially, he was a rescue cat, but I think we made up for his bad start, and he repaid us tenfold:)
Apr 28 2012 13:55 GMT bandsix
Thank you Milibuh:)
Apr 28 2012 13:55 GMT bandsix
Thank you Nancy...we felt privileged to have had him for so long:)
Apr 28 2012 13:56 GMT bandsix
He did Jim...he was absolutely spoilt rotten!
Apr 28 2012 13:56 GMT bandsix
thank you hunju...no editing!
Apr 28 2012 13:57 GMT bandsix
That's so true John.....we have lots of happy memories of that little scamp!
Apr 28 2012 13:57 GMT bandsix
Thank you sini:)
Apr 28 2012 13:57 GMT bandsix
Thank you Squirrel....
Apr 28 2012 13:58 GMT bandsix
Yes, Geoff, he was....a nice little puss:)
Apr 28 2012 13:58 GMT bandsix
Thank you Joan....I know how she must feel.....
Apr 28 2012 13:59 GMT bandsix
He certainly loved his hammock on the radiator...kept his little tootsies warm and snug all winter!
Apr 28 2012 14:00 GMT bandsix
Thank you...he was a very much loved part of the family..and is still missed...:)
Apr 28 2012 14:00 GMT bandsix
Thanks Peter...
Apr 28 2012 14:00 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter....I think he was the most photographed pet in the UK!!
Apr 28 2012 14:51 GMT Snappa
They become a member of the family don't they. I still miss mine, went at 21 years..I was so used to her being around. Lovely pic this
Apr 28 2012 19:30 GMT bandsix
Thank Snappa.....they are a big part of family life...thanks for the comment:)
Apr 30 2012 22:22 GMT Icandoit
peaceful Shot of the cat
May 01 2012 04:32 GMT Kaska
he reached a good age. I still miss all the pets I had in my life - even little white mouse.... they are like family.
Lovely picture.
May 01 2012 16:48 GMT bandsix
Thanks Harry....
May 01 2012 16:49 GMT bandsix
Thank you Mirka......I am just the same....it takes a long time to accept that they are no longer part of the family ...but always in our hearts:)
May 01 2012 16:56 GMT Bellavista
Aww.... sweet Tom cat! So sorry, but 20 years are fantastic!! xxx
May 01 2012 16:58 GMT bandsix
Yes, I know......we were very lucky to have him for so long....it just wasn't long enough!! Thanks x
May 01 2012 18:11 GMT Lie
So lovely and sweet, great cat and image !
May 02 2012 06:38 GMT bandsix
thank you Lie...:)
May 05 2012 21:55 GMT Zodyak
Cute catch :)
May 06 2012 18:53 GMT bandsix
Thank you Zodyak...
May 07 2012 17:27 GMT Donjames
I was thinking about Tom just the other day and how he was getting on...love this pic.
May 09 2012 05:55 GMT daveb
My Henry died 20 years ago and I still miss him too - Cats are such wonderful friends
May 09 2012 08:02 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave....I was always a dog lover until Tom came to live here....he cast his spell:))