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and here is the counterpart to last week's entry...the copper kettle!
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 28 2011 18:10 GMT FLUMP
Lovely...i wouldn't fancy having to clean it though!
Sep 28 2011 18:29 GMT elsje323
great entry
Sep 28 2011 18:33 GMT bandsix
It had its first clean for over three years just before I put it on the fireplace....it wasn't too bad really! It may go up to the loft when the room is revamped.....we still have bare plaster walls ( Farrow and Ball have an estate emulsion paint called 'new plaster'....we're well in)) and no curtains at the windows.....etc.etc. we may just be finished for Christmas....
Sep 28 2011 18:33 GMT bandsix
Thank you Elsje!
Sep 28 2011 18:38 GMT superJoan
Barbara I have put my copper kettle into the loft alongside lots of brass..it was taking too long to keep bright and beautiful...
Sep 28 2011 18:49 GMT bandsix
Will have to see how it goes Joan... I am not particularly keen on cleaning brasses...can't imagine why!!
Sep 28 2011 19:04 GMT Papagena
I am late to comment the last one, but I like both entries !!

Barbara, you should send all your copper things to my husband. He will clean them with great pleasure. Ours are always neat and shiny !! ;+)) lol
Sep 28 2011 19:37 GMT Foggydew
brick and copper - made for each other!
Sep 28 2011 19:53 GMT Bellavista
nice reflection Barbara, I can see you! :-)
Sep 28 2011 20:26 GMT saffi9
great idea for an entry barbara
Sep 28 2011 20:38 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful entry Barbara .... love your matching kettle and I like cleaning brass !
Sep 28 2011 20:57 GMT bandsix
that sounds a good idea...but by the time I got them back, they'd probably need doing again! thank you for the comment Ruth :)
Sep 28 2011 20:58 GMT bandsix
Thank you Foggy!
Sep 28 2011 20:58 GMT bandsix
Yes, you can Bea, thank you!
Sep 28 2011 20:58 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave...:)
Sep 28 2011 20:59 GMT bandsix
thank you Margaret....I suppose we all have our likes and dislikes...my Mum used to like cleaning this kettle and the coffee pot.....I take after my Dad!!
Sep 28 2011 21:09 GMT Sheila PRO
That's very nice!
Sep 28 2011 21:20 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Nice one Barbara.!!!!!
Sep 28 2011 21:30 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful kettle but now a nice cup of tea!!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings.
Sep 29 2011 01:43 GMT potterjo
Nice reflections...you will have to do some interior shots when you are done with your house.
Sep 29 2011 03:00 GMT larrybenedict
What a nice copper kettle. My eyes kept going to those little tea lights (candles in aluminum shells). At least that is what they look like. I use a lot of those to warm potpourri liquids in little ceramic thingies. I don't know the name of those simmering liquids, so I just put them in the potpourri category. Makes the house smell good.
Assuming they are candles, I'll just complain about the ones available now in stores here as opposed to what was available before China started making copies of everything. There was a time, seemingly not so long ago, when the little tea lights were made in the USA and would burn for six hours. Now, it's nearly impossible to find tea lights that will burn for three hours. Ones made in China are whipped full of air to increase volume and reduce wax content. Can you still get a good tea light in England? Can you still get a good copper kettle?
Sep 29 2011 06:39 GMT sini
Great reflection entry!:)
Sep 29 2011 09:04 GMT hallo
It's a beautiful pot with lots of memories, which I think should stay where it always did :)
Sep 29 2011 14:48 GMT jomoud PRO
This is gorgeous Barbara:)
Heirloom that creates a great reflection:)
Sep 29 2011 16:54 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sheila....that, and the copper coffee pot last Thursday came in a job lot from an auction many years ago...my Dad used to go to them and come back with all sorts of things :)
Sep 29 2011 16:55 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jim...
Sep 29 2011 16:55 GMT martini957
Great one
Sep 29 2011 16:55 GMT bandsix
Cup of tea...yes, but not made with water from this kettle Wijnie...think I'd have food poisoning!
Sep 29 2011 16:58 GMT bandsix
Thanks Larry...yes, they are little tea lights...I must admit I haven't really taken much notice of how long they burn...I tend to use them mainly at Christmas...dash, now you know I haven't moved them since last year!! I will take particular note when I next light one...I know that I have a big bag of them in a cupboard - somewhere -I'll find it eventually..! I used them for a similar purpose....in the bottom of an oil burner:)
Sep 29 2011 16:59 GMT bandsix
thank you sini...:)
Sep 29 2011 16:59 GMT bandsix
thanks very much John....!
Sep 29 2011 17:00 GMT bandsix
Thank you hallo...it will certainly stay there for now :))
Sep 29 2011 17:02 GMT bandsix
Could be a while Jo....the plasterer is coming again on Monday to start the hall, stairs and landing....we must be mad, still in turmoil from the last job he did, and no end in sight yet.....although the carpet is chosen, the sofas are being made (12 weeks for that) someone has been about window blinds today, so we are a bit further forward...but not much!
Sep 29 2011 20:55 GMT bandsix
Thank you Nancy!
Sep 30 2011 13:13 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A great entry, Barbara - I love copper kettles.
Sep 30 2011 19:36 GMT Annamaria
Its a beautiful kettle, Barbara! Still haven't find mine...haha you just have to wait a bit longer... ;-))
Sep 30 2011 21:22 GMT bandsix
Well, as I said, I'm a patient person :))