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The one on the left belonged to Granny, the other two I bought in Japan in 2010....there were some real beauties, these are the ones I could afford :))
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 01 2012 18:41 GMT hans55 PRO
they sure are beautiful ... treasure them !!!
Mar 01 2012 18:43 GMT bandsix
I do Hans, I treasure everything that came from my family, and also new things that are beautiful too!
Mar 01 2012 18:56 GMT senna3
They are very beautiful indeed!
Mar 01 2012 19:14 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful pieces of art! Very nice presentation!
Mar 01 2012 19:34 GMT Pea2007
These are really something special ,thanks for sharing.
Mar 01 2012 21:20 GMT Papagena
Magnificent pieces being lovely treasures indeed Barbara !!
Mar 01 2012 21:28 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Hans great treasures....:-))
Mar 02 2012 11:03 GMT skyball
Lovely works of art!!...great for collecting!!!!.....
Mar 02 2012 16:59 GMT bandsix
thank you Peter..
Mar 02 2012 16:59 GMT bandsix
Thank you Claudia:)
Mar 02 2012 16:59 GMT bandsix
Thanks Peter...I like boxes..:)
Mar 02 2012 16:59 GMT bandsix
thank you Ruth:))
Mar 02 2012 17:00 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie:)
Mar 02 2012 17:01 GMT bandsix
thank you for the comment Geoff....
Mar 02 2012 17:32 GMT Lie
Love them, they are beautiful !
Mar 02 2012 18:44 GMT bandsix
thank you Lie!
Mar 03 2012 00:16 GMT larrybenedict
The one that is predominately red and black is my favorite, but I like all of them. Did you enjoy your trip to Japan? If so, what was your favorite thing, other than shopping? What was the most fascinating? I'm asking because I'm having difficulty imagining a trip to Japan and thought you might help me with a 'visual.' Only three questions this time! :-)
Mar 03 2012 13:32 GMT bandsix
the red and black on I like too, because it's Mount Fuji, that I so wanted to see on our trip. I have been fascinated with it since I was very young, and always wanted to see it...and I did! that was a highlight of the trip, and also we had three trips on the bullet train and that was an education...it's punctual to within 0.5 of a second apparently! The shops were amazing, and the way that the beautiful girls wrapped even the smallest purchase was something to see...such attention to detail!! the people were incredibly polite and helpful...the gardens a delight...I musn't go on! the downside, of course, was the flight time...:((
Mar 03 2012 16:25 GMT larrybenedict
Thank you for answering my questions Barbie. You paint a very good picture. Now I want to go! :-) Bullet trains...top of my list of the first thing to experience. Meticulously wrapping gifts sounds like something I'd like to watch. Mt. Fuji....I'm sure is a visual delight and certainly Japan's main attraction (guessing more than certain).
Mar 07 2012 18:35 GMT mellie
Mar 07 2012 18:36 GMT bandsix
thank you mellie:)