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This is 'my' pheasant, who comes at least twice a day for food....not the best photo in the world, but I was standing on tiptoe with my arms raised trying to take the photo from the utility room window...he is a bit shy, although yesterday he must have been really hungry because he came runnng down the little hill towards the dishes as I was filling them:))
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 24 2012 19:19 GMT happysnaper
Beautiful shot of a beautiful bird Barbara have a nice weekend.
Mar 24 2012 19:19 GMT Annamaria
I can see he loves your food, Barbara! He looks realy big!! ;-))
Mar 24 2012 19:22 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
It's a very nice shot, and how lovely to have your own pheasant!
Mar 24 2012 19:30 GMT bandsix
thanks Tony.....you enjoy yours, too!
Mar 24 2012 19:32 GMT bandsix
He is quite big Anna-Maria....except when anything makes a noise he sort of deflates a bit so he's not as conspicuous! As you can see, parts of my garden are not exactly cultivated...:))
Mar 24 2012 19:34 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sylvia...he sits in the garden in the early morning and 'calls' ...makes quite a racket, too! Once he's been fed, he roosts where you see him now, sometimes for hours at a time...I feel very privileged to have him here:)
Mar 24 2012 19:35 GMT julie13
He is lovely, nice shot
Mar 24 2012 19:42 GMT skyball
You live in a lovely spot Barbara!!..to have this majestic bird coming into your garden for his breakfast!!:-))...lovely catch!!!!!.....
Mar 24 2012 19:44 GMT Annamaria
Its always nice to have a part of wild garden, Barbara... I know I have... or is it because I have to start weeding there...;-)
Mar 24 2012 20:36 GMT saffi9
fantastic barbara these birds have great colours well caught , great garden
Mar 24 2012 22:10 GMT bandsix
Thank you Julie.....:)
Mar 24 2012 22:11 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff...we have some lovely birds coming each day, but he is quite special......
Mar 24 2012 22:13 GMT bandsix
I find it a bit difficult to get up there....at least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
Mar 24 2012 22:14 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave...I am always amazed at just how beautiful his feathers are..the colours are wonderful.....
Mar 24 2012 23:24 GMT wijnie58
WOW Awesome shot Barbara..!!
Mar 25 2012 01:37 GMT potterjo
awesome! haven't seen one since we moved, they are such beautiful birds
Mar 25 2012 05:30 GMT MargNZ
wow he is magnificent Barbara ... what a lovely friend :))
Mar 25 2012 05:40 GMT hallo
He looks very well fed Barbara, careful the neighbors will not put an eye on him ;-)
"I wonder if if that's the right expression!"
Mar 25 2012 06:32 GMT sini
Nice catch!:)
Mar 25 2012 16:27 GMT elsje323
fantastic catch
Mar 25 2012 21:20 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie ....
Mar 25 2012 21:21 GMT bandsix
They are very beautiful Jo, you are right:))
Mar 25 2012 21:22 GMT bandsix
Thanks Margaret.....it's a bit of a one-sided friendship at the moment!!
Mar 25 2012 21:23 GMT bandsix
I'm sure the neighbours dogs may well have their eye on him, but he is quite safe in my garden!
Mar 25 2012 21:23 GMT bandsix
Thank you Sini......
Mar 25 2012 21:23 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida......
Mar 26 2012 02:36 GMT peterpinhole
What a nice visitor to your garden! Great catch.
Mar 26 2012 09:12 GMT bandsix
thanks Peter...he was calling his unmissable cry this morning at 6.45 and there wasn't any food left, so I donned my dressing gown and went to put food out...he was only about two feet away from me...how I was wishing for a camera!!
Mar 29 2012 18:12 GMT bandsix
Thank you hunju!!