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This was my work base until I married.....not a bad spot....!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 05 2014 11:58 GMT Papagena
Indeed it's a magnificent area to work in !! I guess it's a schoolhouse Barbara !! ;o)
Aug 05 2014 12:09 GMT hallo
Inspiring place, no wonder Barbara!
Aug 05 2014 13:37 GMT skyball
Surounded by fields!!..lovely shot!!!!!........
Aug 05 2014 14:06 GMT Lalbabu
Like Geoff I too say surounded by green !!!!
Aug 05 2014 15:11 GMT bandsix
It's a nursery now, Ruth....but it was a children's clinic then........
Aug 05 2014 15:11 GMT bandsix
A pleasure to go to work, Samir........:))
Aug 05 2014 15:12 GMT bandsix
It was a lovely place to be based, Geoff...though I was only there three sessions a week, and two of those were in the evening.....
Aug 05 2014 15:12 GMT bandsix
And a lovely canal where the photograph was taken from, Lalbabu!
Aug 05 2014 15:15 GMT Hanny50
Realy not a bad spot Barbera !!
Aug 05 2014 15:17 GMT bandsix
Not bad at all, thank you Hanny!
Aug 07 2014 03:26 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Place, Great Entry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 09 2014 10:35 GMT georgygirl2
a lovely place to work!
Aug 09 2014 17:51 GMT bandsix
Thank you Glenn.....
Aug 09 2014 17:51 GMT bandsix
Thanks...it was, but I prefer where I am now:))))))
Aug 15 2014 22:09 GMT will
i love this piece of real estate. And it sure is a real estate!..))
Aug 16 2014 16:23 GMT bandsix
Thanks will.....I have very happy memories of working there!
Aug 16 2014 18:12 GMT will
great! Ii can imagine you do, Barbara It is so beautiful, huh...)..any photos from the inside and did it have a garden?.I love the trees I can see there!

well, I may be doing some traveling in the near future! I'll be looking all over the U.K., too! I am fully retired now, so! )
Aug 16 2014 20:32 GMT bandsix
No photos of the inside will....and the garden was really the park the building was in...with a canal running across the bottom of the picture, with stepping stones...it was lovely!
Aug 17 2014 21:37 GMT will
oh, sounds just perfectly lovely, thanks, Barbara!
Aug 18 2014 00:33 GMT will
Would it have made sense just to marry this home's owner so you would not have had to move? or...? ...am I way off base here? ..))
Aug 18 2014 00:35 GMT will
Would you then have been answering to ''Lady Barbara"..?
Aug 18 2014 09:39 GMT bandsix
Well, will, the home's owner was the West Riding of Yorkshire Council, so that would have been a bit difficult:)) It was a children's clinic, and has now been turned into a kindergarden......it was a long time ago.....:)))
Aug 18 2014 19:36 GMT will
thanks for the info my lady..)
Aug 18 2014 21:06 GMT bandsix
You're very welcome, sir!
Aug 19 2014 00:50 GMT will
jolly good m'lady.. ) it's quite a place you have here! great for an ice, ball with evening dress and a bad, and dancing
Aug 20 2014 14:29 GMT will
tks& G'day to you)