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My best friend, Jean, always says she has no imagination and no artistic talent either...so as part of her birthday present, I arranged a one-to-one session with a textile artist who teaches modern silk dyeing and this is the result....and Jean was delighted, as she has previously refused to come with me on these sorts of courses because she thought she 'couldn't do it' ..and now she knows she can!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 31 2011 19:56 GMT Annamaria
Thats a great present for your friend Jean! She made a very nice scarf!!
Jul 31 2011 19:59 GMT bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria...she made four scarves altogetherl, but this is the only photo where she is wearing it. The worst bit is now to hem the rolled edges on all four...an awful job!
Jul 31 2011 20:06 GMT Snappa
Well done Jean, its beautiful.
Jul 31 2011 20:10 GMT poshbird
Well done Jean, it looks lovely and very inspiring...........we never really know what creative gifts we have untill we give things a try!! Such a wonderful gift and oppurtunity to give to your friend Barbara. :-) x
Jul 31 2011 20:49 GMT Sheila PRO
Jean translates as "God's Gift" - maybe she just found one she never knew she had! (It's my middle name, that's how I know!)
Jul 31 2011 20:59 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a thoughtful gift for your friend, and she's made a great job of it!
Jul 31 2011 21:35 GMT marijke06
nice present! :)
Aug 01 2011 01:22 GMT T1MELESS PRO
It's great to make someone happy.Well done.!!!!!
Aug 01 2011 03:13 GMT hallo
Good work...Bravo!
Aug 01 2011 03:25 GMT larrybenedict
It's a beautiful scarf, even better in the large size.
Aug 01 2011 03:44 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Yes, this is a very warm shot!! Congratulations to Jean.
Aug 01 2011 05:13 GMT Pea2007
Jean did a good job.
Aug 01 2011 06:56 GMT Annamaria
I can imagine that is not the best part, barbara, but otherwise you will have only threads left after a while...;-)
Aug 01 2011 07:09 GMT abojovna PRO
It´s a very good photo of Jean, I like color of her glasses too!
Aug 01 2011 07:56 GMT bandsix
thanks Linda...I'll pass the message on :)
Aug 01 2011 07:57 GMT bandsix
My sentiments exactly Paula, but sometimes it's just having that confidence to actually try....not easy, especially as we get a bit older, but she was delighted with the scarves and told me that she had really enjoyed it!
Aug 01 2011 07:58 GMT bandsix
I'm sure that will make her smile Sheila!
Aug 01 2011 07:59 GMT bandsix
She did make a good job of it, didn't she Sylvia?....I think she is quietly quite pleased with herself...and why not:))
Aug 01 2011 08:00 GMT bandsix
Thanks marijke...as the years go by it gets harder and harder to think of something to give to old friends.....:)
Aug 01 2011 08:00 GMT bandsix
thank you hunju!
Aug 01 2011 08:02 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jim....it made me happy, too, that she enjoyed the session...I wasn't sure that she would...:) When she told her brother I was taking her somewhere, but she didn't know what for, he said he thought it would probably be a bungee jump...!! He obviously doesn't know me very well:))
Aug 01 2011 08:03 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jim....it made me happy, too, that she enjoyed the session...I wasn't sure that she would...:) When she told her brother I was taking her somewhere, but she didn't know what for, he said he thought it would probably be a bungee jump...!! He obviously doesn't know me very well:))
Aug 01 2011 08:04 GMT bandsix
Thank you hallo...I'll pass the message on.....
Aug 01 2011 08:04 GMT bandsix
I think it's lovely, too Larry..I'll tell her you said so:)
Aug 01 2011 08:05 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jim.....I'll let her know:)
Aug 01 2011 08:05 GMT bandsix
She did Peter, thank you!
Aug 01 2011 08:06 GMT bandsix
That's a good point, Anna-Maria......!!
Aug 01 2011 09:28 GMT mandybee
Aug 01 2011 10:19 GMT geobak
Hi Jean, great portrait captured by your friend.
Aug 01 2011 12:33 GMT Papagena
Yes, there are a lot of talents which remain hidden !! Often it's just by chance we become aware of it, like your dear friend Jean !! ;°)
Aug 01 2011 16:03 GMT skyball
Another very talented lady like yourself Barbara!!...and a very nice portrait shot!!!!!......
Aug 01 2011 16:08 GMT FLUMP
a truely thoughtful gift which would have meant alot in itself. The scarf is gorgeous. It matches th glasses perfectly and a great reminder of your friendship
Aug 01 2011 16:31 GMT bandsix
Thanks Claudia...I'll tell her you like her specs.....(glasses) as well!
Aug 01 2011 16:32 GMT bandsix
Thanks Mandy...I'll tell her you said so....
Aug 01 2011 16:33 GMT bandsix
Thank you Geo....I'll be sure to tell her!
Aug 01 2011 16:34 GMT bandsix
Yes, Ruth you're quite right....they just need a bit of teasing out.....!
Aug 01 2011 16:35 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff, it really is easy to do, as I am sure Jean would now tell you herself, having tried it!
Aug 01 2011 16:37 GMT bandsix
she'll be thrilled if I tell her someone said her scarf is gorgeous....I think she is very happy with the way it turned out...and so she should be!! Thank you :))
Aug 01 2011 20:03 GMT saffi9
nice one jean whats next :)
Aug 01 2011 20:56 GMT MargNZ
Lovely scarf and Jean should be very proud of her work. Nice birthday treat for a friend Barbara :)
Aug 02 2011 03:09 GMT potterjo
What a wonderful present, it turned out beautiful.
Aug 02 2011 15:22 GMT martini957
Wonderful present for your friend....I can so picture her expression when she discovered that she could : ))
Aug 02 2011 17:58 GMT Donjames
Well done both of you.....
Aug 02 2011 22:24 GMT Bellavista
What a great present Barbara!
Aug 03 2011 08:37 GMT bandsix
Maybe a bungee jump? :))
Aug 03 2011 08:37 GMT bandsix
I'll tell her Margaret, thank you :))
Aug 03 2011 08:39 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jo, it did turn out nicely....all four of them were lovely!
Aug 03 2011 08:41 GMT bandsix
The best bit was that she and to wait for 24 hours (for the dyes to set) before she saw what she had created, so it sort of made the experience last a bit longer!
Aug 03 2011 08:42 GMT bandsix
Thank you Don, we had a really good time together......!
Aug 03 2011 08:43 GMT bandsix
I was quite pleased with myself, Bea, I usually struggle to think of something original for her, as we have been friends for so long now!
Aug 03 2011 23:06 GMT linnywv PRO
The scarf is lovely! You are a wonderful friend!
Aug 04 2011 06:30 GMT foxhouse
What a great gift idea...well done Jean!

Great portrait :)
Aug 04 2011 08:34 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the lovely comment....Jean has been a good friend to me for over 30 years, she deserves the best of everything!
Aug 04 2011 08:38 GMT bandsix
I was very lucky that Stephanie agreed to have us at her home for private tuition, it's not something she normally does.....and her home was beautiful, crammed with collections of all sorts of antiques....It was like Paradise for me, too, so we both benefitted!!
Aug 04 2011 19:25 GMT senna3
What a great idea and a very beautiful portrait!
Aug 04 2011 20:28 GMT bandsix
Thanks very much for the comment, Peter!
Aug 04 2011 21:37 GMT Icandoit
nice present! :)
Aug 05 2011 21:56 GMT Zodyak
Beautiful portrait!!!
Aug 06 2011 10:37 GMT bandsix
Thank you...she's an attractive lady!