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treated myself to some lovely Spring flowers.....and now it is snowing like mad!!!
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 11 2014 18:59 GMT elsje323
lovely bouquet
Feb 11 2014 19:03 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ida...:)
Feb 11 2014 19:21 GMT Papagena
Magnificent Barbara !! I just hope you will not have too much problems with this snow!!

None yet of it in my area, but in other parts of Switzerland it has already too much.
Some pictures:


Feb 11 2014 19:40 GMT MargNZ
Nice to treat yourself Barbara ... beautiful flowers :)
Feb 11 2014 20:47 GMT inna68
a wonderful bouquet and deep colours......good work!
Feb 11 2014 23:33 GMT georgygirl2
lovely,we had a bit of snow tonight but gone already so no snow pics
Feb 12 2014 05:40 GMT martini957
A feast for the eyes...beautiful
Feb 12 2014 08:58 GMT skyball
A lovely shot of colour Barbara!!!!!........
Feb 12 2014 10:03 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ruth...and thanks for the links.....we certainly didn't have anything like this amount of snowfall...and it's all gone this morning, so I think we are safe from avalanches in our area.....:)
Feb 12 2014 10:03 GMT bandsix
Thanks Margaret...I think I deserve a treat now and then....well, fairly regularly, really!
Feb 12 2014 10:04 GMT bandsix
Thanks very much!
Feb 12 2014 10:04 GMT bandsix
Same here, Ann...though I was really surprised when I saw it had been snowing...don't know why!
Feb 12 2014 10:05 GMT bandsix
Thank you Nancy:)
Feb 12 2014 10:05 GMT bandsix
No editing of colour Geoff....just the frame...they really are a deep lovely colour:))
Feb 12 2014 15:30 GMT janos
Lovely! :)
Feb 12 2014 15:32 GMT Lalbabu
Beauty in its truest sense of the term !!!!!
Feb 12 2014 17:11 GMT hallo
Beautiful flowers...I get a chill, when snow is mentioned after what we went through!
Feb 12 2014 19:31 GMT bandsix
Thank you janos:)
Feb 12 2014 19:31 GMT bandsix
Thank you Lalbabu:)
Feb 12 2014 19:32 GMT bandsix
I am sure you do, Samir! Thankfully, it has melted now, but we are experiencing gale force winds, which are quite frightening......but at least we have no floods here in this part of the UK......
Feb 13 2014 19:34 GMT wijnie58
Indeed beautiful flowers and colours..:-))
Feb 13 2014 22:26 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie....
Feb 14 2014 15:35 GMT aquiles PRO
Feb 14 2014 16:09 GMT bandsix
Thank you:)
Feb 19 2014 05:42 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful bouquet, Barbara!! ;-) It will make you happy as long as the snow stays outside!!
Feb 19 2014 13:32 GMT bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria...can you believe the bouquet is still going strong?....have kept it in a cool place..and it's quite warm outside these last two days, too!