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Well, Anna-Maria, you did ask when I would upload something of mine....my felted slippers are just about finished...I sewed the leather soles on yesterday and felted the leaves and flowers today...just need something in the flower centres.....the bad news yesterday was that the class is probably going to close next summer...:((
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 13 2012 15:32 GMT wijnie58
WOW Stunning work, Barbara..Love it...:-))
Nov 13 2012 15:53 GMT hallo
Unique pair of slippers done with perfect feminine touch. When you say the class is probably closing down, are you the master or a teacher there!!
Nov 13 2012 15:54 GMT elsje323
great work now you don't get cold feet
Nov 13 2012 16:29 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
These are fantastic! You are indeed very talented. Sorry to hear the class maybe ending
Nov 13 2012 18:10 GMT Foggydew
Walking art :)
Nov 13 2012 18:32 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie:)
Nov 13 2012 18:34 GMT bandsix
Thanks Samir:)) The rooms where the class is held are in a building that is going to be sold off by the Local Authority.....the class is safe until the end of Spring term, then I think it's thank you and goodnight...I am just a student there...:))
Nov 13 2012 18:35 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ida...I believe they are exceptionally warm, but I haven't tried them yet:)
Nov 13 2012 18:35 GMT bandsix
Thank you Mary:))
Nov 13 2012 18:36 GMT bandsix
I like that one Foggy.....!!
Nov 13 2012 18:51 GMT Annamaria
This is ovely, Barbara!! Beautiful colour and I bet they are very warm ;-)) Such a pity that the class will close down!! I know how you enjoyed it.... isn't there another one which you can attend??
Nov 13 2012 18:56 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
They're so pretty and original, and look nice and cosy.
Perhaps you could persuade the class teacher to continue privately at her or someone else's house ..... ?
Nov 13 2012 20:13 GMT mellie
Barbara, these look so nice and comfy ... for sure, find out if the class could be held somewhere else.
Nov 13 2012 20:36 GMT Donjames
Do you think I could get away with wearing a pair? Just kidding....very talented lady you are....
Nov 13 2012 20:51 GMT SIGMUND
Nov 14 2012 02:35 GMT martini957
Cool work
Nov 14 2012 03:17 GMT potterjo
Those look so warm, great work.
Nov 14 2012 08:56 GMT MargNZ
Very smart and cozy slippers Barbara . You must be very sad the building is to be sold :(
Nov 14 2012 15:17 GMT bandsix
I have suggested to Chris (tutor) that a select few 'girls' could meet in my kitchen instead...she seemed to like the idea:))
Nov 14 2012 15:59 GMT Bellavista
awww... .I like this so much!!! ....would never take off.!...
really creative design!!
Nov 14 2012 20:07 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sylvia....watch this space:)
Nov 14 2012 20:08 GMT bandsix
Thanks mellie:)
Nov 14 2012 20:08 GMT bandsix
Course you could Don...and I think Demi would like them too!
Nov 14 2012 20:08 GMT bandsix
Thank you Susanna...:)
Nov 14 2012 20:09 GMT bandsix
Thanks Nancy...hot work making them!
Nov 14 2012 20:09 GMT bandsix
I think they just might be quite warm Jo:))
Nov 14 2012 20:10 GMT bandsix
thanks Margaret..yes, it will be a pity..we'll wait and see what the meetings bring.....
Nov 14 2012 20:10 GMT bandsix
Thanks Bea....felting is my 'thing' at the moment....:))
Feb 03 2015 02:10 GMT gafaway
Feb 03 2015 07:12 GMT bandsix
Thank you.....:)