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continuing the hydrangea theme...the cake was decorated by a couple of young ladies who were only about 19....!
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 29 2012 16:13 GMT wijnie58
WOW Beautiful wedding cake, Barbara..Looks very nice..:-))
Jul 29 2012 16:22 GMT Bellavista
Gosh is this a beauty!! I love wedding cakes!! :-)
Jul 29 2012 16:50 GMT Pea2007
Now that what I call a piece of cake.
Jul 29 2012 17:52 GMT hallo
This will serve huge portions :)
Jul 29 2012 18:24 GMT Annamaria
What a beautiful weddingcake!! I bet it tasted as good as it looked...;-)
Jul 29 2012 18:49 GMT bandsix
It is different....
Jul 29 2012 18:50 GMT bandsix
Me too, Bea...which reminds me, I haven't had a piece...yet!
Jul 29 2012 18:50 GMT bandsix
Jul 29 2012 18:50 GMT bandsix
Thanks hunju!
Jul 29 2012 18:50 GMT bandsix
I hope so Samir:)))
Jul 29 2012 18:51 GMT bandsix
I don't know yet, Anna-Maria, I'll let you know!
Jul 29 2012 19:00 GMT skyball
Beautiful wedding shots Barbara!!..in a lovely series!!!!!.......
Jul 29 2012 19:18 GMT elsje323
beautiful wedding serie
Jul 29 2012 19:31 GMT Papagena
Makes my mouth watering !!!!!

Btw. A year ago I could taste the wedding cake of my godchild:

Jul 29 2012 23:16 GMT MargNZ
So beautifully decorated Barbara :)
Jul 29 2012 23:56 GMT larrybenedict
The young ladies who decorated this cake might have a future in this sort of thing. Hard to imagine that what we see in the photo is edible. My guess is that it probably isn't. Still........a very nice creation!
Jul 30 2012 02:49 GMT potterjo
very talented!
Jul 30 2012 11:25 GMT bandsix
Thank you Geoff...
Jul 30 2012 11:25 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ida:)
Jul 30 2012 11:26 GMT bandsix
that is one delicious looking cake Ruth....I could eat a piece now!!
Jul 30 2012 11:26 GMT bandsix
Yes, they did a good job Margaret!
Jul 30 2012 11:27 GMT bandsix
All edible Larry, with the exception of the large hydrangea flower on the top.....not that I have had any yet...the cake hadn't been divided up when we left the reception...I hope the bride's mother will be round before long to deliver us a piece each!!
Jul 30 2012 11:28 GMT bandsix
Sorry about that hunju...what can be done?
Jul 30 2012 11:28 GMT bandsix
thanks Jo....
Aug 02 2012 10:02 GMT Lie
My husband makes weddingcakes, but more Dutch....
Great shot and cake...
Aug 02 2012 18:18 GMT bandsix
You'll have to post a shot of one of your husband's cakes, if you haven't already..that would be good!
Sep 16 2012 16:12 GMT EveCN

such a beautiful wedding cake!
Sep 16 2012 18:17 GMT bandsix
It was...and it tasted good too!