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This staffy flew past us on our walk near the donkey sanctuary, leapt into this filthy muddy puddle and spent the next five or ten minutes having an absolute whale of a time leaping up and down in it! It was hilarious to watch...glad he wasn't jumping up at me afterwards....he was jet propelled!!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 23 2012 18:02 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Super capture, Barbara, and great fun to watch, I'm sure. I'm quite glad though that cats don't do that!
Oct 23 2012 18:55 GMT hallo
I would say Hovercraft :))
Oct 23 2012 18:56 GMT 25barb
First I love your comment.. Precious words.
Second, I love the original view - seeing the mud fun
Third I love your compositon and presentation
Fourth I love your consideration of keeping the water/mud inside the frame ha ha
Fifth I love the entire photo.
Oct 23 2012 19:23 GMT superJoan
Barbara great catch of this playful ..muddy...staffy. Funny how they always love to roll in mud and dirt...
Oct 23 2012 19:44 GMT elsje323
great moment to see this dog enjoying his mud bath
Oct 23 2012 20:40 GMT Bigbear10
Wonderful capture, just glad he's not jumping into my car afterwards
Oct 23 2012 21:15 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Samir...Lovely capture, Barbara..:-))
Oct 24 2012 01:54 GMT potterjo
So funny, all that green grass and where does the dog go to play.
Oct 24 2012 04:39 GMT Annamaria
A great catch of this muddy dog!! I can imagine that you enjoyed watching this dog knowing that you wouldn't have to take him back home in your car!! ;-))
Oct 24 2012 08:36 GMT bandsix
It was great Sylvia, I wish I had put the camera into movie mode...it was hilarious!! Now I know why the owner said her dog was like a performing seal:))
Oct 24 2012 08:37 GMT bandsix
He wasn't exactly floating on the water Samir....more like a Sherman tank!!
Oct 24 2012 08:43 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the lovely comments Barb! He was an absolute joy to watch....I wish that all dogs had as wonderful a life as this little chap obviously does:))
Oct 24 2012 08:44 GMT bandsix
Thanks Joan...just like kids plodging in puddles! (don't think 'plodging' is a word, but you know what I mean:))
Oct 24 2012 08:45 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida...he really did enjoy it:)
Oct 24 2012 08:45 GMT bandsix
Thanks Tony...my sentiments exactly!
Oct 24 2012 08:45 GMT bandsix
Thanks Wijnie:))
Oct 24 2012 08:46 GMT bandsix
Thanks Jo....yes, he made for the puddle like an exocet missile...straight in and at it!!
Oct 24 2012 08:47 GMT bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria.....the little schnauzer we were taking for a walk was on an extending lead, otherwise I think he may have been in there with him! I'm very glad he didn't go in...I don't think his owner would have been very pleased:)
Oct 24 2012 08:56 GMT MargNZ
Freedom and great fun Barbara :))
Oct 24 2012 10:27 GMT skyball
Lovely catch Barbara!!...i bet all that mud slowed him down a bit!!:-))....
Oct 24 2012 10:41 GMT senna3
Nice capture!
Will be less fun for the owners when staffy comes in the house. We had Balou during a rainy week in our house and she likes mud too!
Oct 24 2012 13:45 GMT peterpinhole
Great catch of this mud happy pup....I wouldn't want him jumping up at me after either!
Oct 24 2012 14:13 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Lovely capture of a very happy doggie
Oct 24 2012 15:03 GMT superJoan
Barbara I love 'Plodging' descibes it admirably
Oct 24 2012 16:26 GMT legs4daze PRO
hi barbara! what a happy picture! yes, a bit of video would have been fun to watch afterwards. i took a few on my trip and it's so different looking then at pictures when you go to the memories.
i agree with joan, if sporadicality can be a word, so can plodging ;o))
Oct 24 2012 17:09 GMT bandsix
He had a wonderful time Margaret!
Oct 24 2012 17:10 GMT bandsix
Not one bit of it Geoff...when he eventually came out of the puddle he took off like a rocket...but in the wrong direction...we had to redirect him...it was sooo funny!:))
Oct 24 2012 17:11 GMT bandsix
Thanks Peter....his owner also had a heavyweight Rottweiler, so there would be 8 mucky paws to contend with!! Think yourself lucky you just had Balou:))
Oct 24 2012 17:11 GMT bandsix
Thanks Peter!
Oct 24 2012 17:12 GMT bandsix
Thank you:)
Oct 24 2012 17:12 GMT bandsix
Thanks Joan...I'll have to submit it to the OED and see if they agree with us:))
Oct 24 2012 17:13 GMT bandsix
Thank you Steph...perhaps we could start our own dictionary:)
Oct 25 2012 13:20 GMT skyball
Oct 25 2012 15:50 GMT bandsix