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some of my daily visitors....aren't I lucky? :)))
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 30 2014 19:19 GMT Papagena
What a lovely collage !! No doubt you ARE lucky Barbara !! ;^)

I have to walk outside to capture birds and by chance squirrels...they don't visit me.. ;~((
Jan 30 2014 22:30 GMT Icandoit
A good collage
Jan 30 2014 23:05 GMT larrybenedict
A nice collection of visitors. I don't recognize any of the birds. Well, there is the Blackbird, but probably different than what I see in Florida. The fat Squirrel IS familiar.
Jan 31 2014 02:42 GMT will
lovely collection, Barbara...all very pleasing to the eye..)
Jan 31 2014 09:26 GMT skyball
A lovely display of british wildlife Barbara!!!!!!!........
Jan 31 2014 16:38 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ruth....I know I'm lucky:))
Jan 31 2014 16:38 GMT bandsix
Thank you Harry:)
Jan 31 2014 16:40 GMT bandsix
Thanks Larry, the coral coloured one and his partner are bullfinches....I haven't managed a decent photo of the three different types of tit that visit daily......yet! As soon as the weather improves, the camera and tripod will be set up outside right next to the bird food!
Jan 31 2014 16:40 GMT bandsix
Thank will......they are always welcome to my garden:)
Jan 31 2014 16:40 GMT bandsix
Thank you Geoff!
Jan 31 2014 17:52 GMT Annamaria
You sure are lucky!! They all are beautiful!! ;-)
Jan 31 2014 18:20 GMT Lalbabu
Great collage of these cutes and really you are very lucky !!!!!
Jan 31 2014 18:43 GMT bandsix
I know...thanks Anna-Maria:)
Jan 31 2014 18:44 GMT bandsix
Thank you Lalbabu......and I know I'm lucky.....:))
Jan 31 2014 19:28 GMT wijnie58
You are a lucky lady...I want this too...:-))
Feb 01 2014 12:02 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A wonderful collection, Barbara. I'd love to have bullfinches in the garden
or even my local park. Never seen one at all :-(
Feb 01 2014 12:05 GMT bandsix
I read an article last week that said Bullfinches are not rare, just 'rarely seen'....so I consider myself to be extremely privileged to have at least one pair that come two or three times a day...and later on they bring their young ones too..... Doesn't get much better than this!
Feb 01 2014 12:06 GMT bandsix
I know I'm lucky Wijnie.....and I appreciate them coming:)
Feb 01 2014 12:13 GMT gnilsen PRO
Lovely capture
Feb 01 2014 15:05 GMT hallo
What do you call the black bird at the bottom left. I have plenty nesting and visiting!
Don't tell me it's blackbird :))
Feb 01 2014 16:06 GMT bandsix
Thank you!
Feb 01 2014 16:06 GMT bandsix
OK.....I won't.......but it is!!
Feb 01 2014 17:35 GMT pauli3522
yes your are very lucky
Feb 04 2014 16:56 GMT superJoan
Barbara, your daily visitors are about the same as ours.....I sat and did the R.S.P.B count with my camera by my side.....An hour of bliss, somany Tits and we were lucky with the Sparrow Hawk.....Have heard the Woodpecker but up to now he hasn't made an appearance.
Feb 04 2014 18:13 GMT bandsix
Thank you Paulina:)
Feb 04 2014 18:15 GMT bandsix
Thanks Joan...I did the RSPB count too...was going to do it on Saturday, when it was a lovely day...and didn't, Sunday was miserable and very wet, but no lack of beautiful little visitors....I haven't managed to capture the tit family to my satisfaction, yet, they are so fast!
Feb 05 2014 09:53 GMT superJoan
Barbara I was the same didn't have time on Saturday, so counted in the rain....But as you said the birds still came in great numbers...5 long tailed tits fighting for the feeders.We have a lack of Starlings, didn't have one visit for the count.