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My friend sitting in this very expensive chair...obviously not for people with short legs:))) It was very comfortable....
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 26 2013 09:33 GMT Annamaria
Or.... maybe the chair was to short....;-)
Aug 26 2013 09:47 GMT hallo
3296 Pounds, that's a lot of money worthwhile for your friend to sit on it for free. Did you also try it Barbara :))
Aug 26 2013 10:25 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Very nice - I think I'll get two of those!
Only joking - what an absurd price! My legs would be long enough though.
Aug 26 2013 10:44 GMT calytexi
yes.... very expensive.... don't know why any one would pay that much for a chair. Nice picture though. :)
Aug 26 2013 11:48 GMT Papagena
A funny one !! Do they add, for the same price, a vitamine drink or another medicament to enlarge legs ???? ;o))
Aug 26 2013 12:43 GMT Foggydew
She looks right at home :)
Aug 26 2013 14:00 GMT skyball
Taking the weight of your feet.. that's better!!:-)
Aug 26 2013 14:01 GMT wijnie58
Maybe for my son he has long legs.Barbara..:-))
Aug 26 2013 18:14 GMT Sheila PRO
Ridiculous price! Gold-plated? I wouldn't give you a fiver for a chair I couldn't sit comfortably in. If your feet can't reach the floor, you can't get back out of it very easily either!!
Aug 26 2013 19:22 GMT happysnaper
Looks the part great shot Barbara.
Aug 26 2013 20:13 GMT T1MELESS PRO
At least you wont need to lift your feet when you are hovering :-))
Aug 26 2013 21:19 GMT bandsix
Haha! No, Jean definitely has short legs....her feet don't reach the floor when she sits on my settee, either.......but they are very shapely!
Aug 26 2013 21:20 GMT bandsix
I did try it, Samir, and I found it to be very comfortable....I just didn't like the price very much...and the footstool was extra!
Aug 26 2013 21:20 GMT bandsix
Long legs, short pockets!!
Aug 26 2013 21:21 GMT bandsix
Me neither...but then, I'd you like it and can afford it I suppose some people would:)) I am sure the shop knows it will sell:))
Aug 26 2013 21:22 GMT bandsix
You are so funny, Ruth! I didn't notice any growth enhancing additions on the nearby table:))
Aug 26 2013 21:23 GMT bandsix
I think she quite liked it, Foggy......!
Aug 26 2013 21:24 GMT bandsix
Yes, we were ready for a sit down...went up to the restaurant and had coffee and cake just after this was taken! Nearly needed a mortgage for that, too!
Aug 26 2013 21:25 GMT bandsix
I should imagine it would be very good for long legged people, Wijnie!
Aug 26 2013 21:26 GMT bandsix
:)))) thanks hunju!
Aug 26 2013 21:27 GMT bandsix
You have a point, there, Sheila......:)
Aug 26 2013 21:27 GMT bandsix
Thank you Tony....
Aug 26 2013 21:28 GMT bandsix
That's what I like about you, Jim, ........always finding the positives!
Aug 27 2013 01:51 GMT gtc126
Well it looks comfortable, is it worth the price?????
Aug 27 2013 07:44 GMT elsje323
great shot
Aug 27 2013 07:53 GMT MargNZ
I can relate to Jean's short legs / big chair problem. She looks like she is having fun for the camera Barbara :)
Aug 27 2013 10:01 GMT bandsix
I don't think so, really.....a nice pair of sofas and a chair can be had for that!
Aug 27 2013 10:02 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ida.....:)
Aug 27 2013 10:03 GMT bandsix
It gave us a smile, Margaret...so that was good:))
Aug 28 2013 18:16 GMT abojovna PRO
Funny shot, Barbara, the chair looks comfortable !
Sep 02 2013 11:00 GMT GeoffReeves
:)) short bodies and long legs...order for the day