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saw this parked the other day....one heap I wouldn't mind in the garage!!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 17 2013 12:04 GMT Petermosull
great car, I agree - that's a heap I would love to have! I did have an Aston DB5 once - the corgi version!!!!!
Mar 17 2013 12:14 GMT 25barb
Yep! not bad... I think it would fit into almost anyone's garage...
Can see you spinning around in this...
Enjoy the ride and enjoy the journey... as with life.
Have a good and happy day
Mar 17 2013 12:19 GMT julie13
Thanks for looking after it for me :)
Mar 17 2013 12:20 GMT Sheila PRO
Why am I thinking "Uriah"? Actually I wouldn't want a car like this. Couldn't fit my double bass inside!
Mar 17 2013 12:38 GMT Kent0607
C HEAP... ? *KK*

Mar 17 2013 12:38 GMT hallo
You will not get so many horses in your garage Barbara, but check with Julie maybe you can share a ride :)
Mar 17 2013 13:14 GMT elsje323
great car but I have no garage!!
Mar 17 2013 13:31 GMT bandsix
You had me going there for a minute, Peter.....I expect the Corgi version is worth a bit, too!
Mar 17 2013 13:32 GMT bandsix
Thanks Barb...I don't actually possess a garage, so it would definitely fit where I park the car now....I think this car does less than 20 mpg, so the fuel costs would be astronomical...as would the insurance...so I'll just stick to admiring it:))
Mar 17 2013 13:32 GMT bandsix
Mar 17 2013 13:33 GMT bandsix
Wonder if the chap who owns it does a bit of hand-wringing? Now why did I presume it would be a man... answers on a postcard please!!
Mar 17 2013 13:34 GMT bandsix
To the tune of about £150,000 worth of cheap!!
Mar 17 2013 13:34 GMT bandsix
Sounds like a plan, Samir...:)
Mar 17 2013 13:34 GMT bandsix
Same for me, Ida!
Mar 17 2013 14:09 GMT skyball
A not so cheap heap plus the other rising costs tax etc etc....lovely catch Barbara!!......

Mar 17 2013 15:26 GMT Bellavista
ohh.. I left my garage door opened! :-))
Mar 17 2013 19:05 GMT bandsix
Very true, Geoff...you'd need very deep pockets for this!!
Mar 17 2013 19:05 GMT bandsix
I hope it arrives for you, Bea!
Mar 17 2013 22:21 GMT larrybenedict
A mighty fine looking sports car. I suppose if a person is willing to spend the money for one of these, gasoline prices is probably not an issue.
Mar 19 2013 07:10 GMT bandsix
You are spot on there, Larry, if they have the money for the beast, then it won't be a problem to feed it......!
Mar 21 2013 15:54 GMT Snappa
Well spotted.(..I hadnt realised I'd parked near you........)
Mar 21 2013 17:00 GMT bandsix