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and the worst bit of the day was spent 'parked' on the M62 for over an hour due to an accident....at least we weren't involved, so we were lucky.....
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Comments on this photo:

May 27 2012 20:51 GMT wijnie58
You are very lucky Barbara....!!
May 28 2012 01:02 GMT martini957
Good to know you weren't involved....hope no one got hurt
May 28 2012 04:40 GMT sini
May 28 2012 07:54 GMT hallo
Flirting kills the time :))
May 28 2012 16:19 GMT skyball
I know how you must have felt Barbara!!..my sympathies!!!!!!.......
May 28 2012 18:54 GMT Annamaria
Glad you are okay!!
May 29 2012 06:43 GMT Pea2007
Not much enjoyment here........I have managed life without having a car.
May 29 2012 19:47 GMT T1MELESS PRO
The young lady on the barrier seems to be enjoying it Barbara !!!!!
May 29 2012 21:29 GMT bandsix
Yes, Wijnie we were lucky:)
May 29 2012 21:30 GMT bandsix
Thanks Nancy...the Air Ambulance was involved, so I think someone was very unlucky.....
May 29 2012 21:30 GMT bandsix
Yes, it was,Sini....
May 29 2012 21:30 GMT bandsix
It certainly does, Samir....!
May 29 2012 21:32 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff....no point getting fed-up....just have to put up with it! At least we weren't the ones who were injured, that would have been so much worse.....
May 29 2012 21:33 GMT bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria...me too....:))
May 29 2012 21:34 GMT bandsix
No enjoyment at that point Peter...but it was nice before that, driving along country lanes with the top down on the car and the sun shining on us....!
May 29 2012 21:35 GMT bandsix
I think she was, Jim!
May 29 2012 21:55 GMT 25barb
Great photo of a terrible situation. when in Germany, there was an accident on the
Autobahn and was delayed about two hours until the bus driver decided to turn the bus around and we ended up with the most scenic trip through the mountains..I think it was worth the change in plans and separated us from any danger.
I too am glad that you were safe.
Thanks for viewing and commenting on my photos. Yes, every stage of the poppy life is wonderful and is beautiful..
May 29 2012 22:38 GMT MargNZ
Someone had their day ruined Barbara. I am glad you were not involved .
May 30 2012 05:17 GMT marijke06
part of the modern busy life....isn't it? :)
May 30 2012 19:20 GMT bandsix
Thank you Margaret...felt sorry for those who were though.....
May 30 2012 19:20 GMT bandsix
Yes, it is Marijke......this makes us slow down a bit....