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I've never had a cactus come into bloom before...they sometimes stick fake ones on in garden centres, but this one bloomed in my conservatory....happy days!
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 17 2012 14:23 GMT saffi9
looks great , reminds of christmas for some strange reason
Jun 17 2012 14:30 GMT Foggydew
great moment - love cacti!
Jun 17 2012 14:34 GMT Donjames
I have tried to grow cacti but they never flower this is lovely Barbara enjoy it
Jun 17 2012 14:56 GMT FLUMP
excellent - i have killed all my indoor plants, including cacti!
Jun 17 2012 14:57 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful flowers of the cactus, Barbara...:-))
Jun 17 2012 15:03 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice blooming cactus ...nice composed picture of it !!
Jun 17 2012 15:04 GMT sini
Beautiful flowers!:)
Jun 17 2012 16:13 GMT hallo
Very generous blooming cactus. I started with a tiny one,now it's filling the garden and brightening it with it's beautiful vibrant color!
Jun 17 2012 16:21 GMT elsje323
beautiful blooming cactus
Jun 17 2012 16:25 GMT Annamaria
Really beautiful!!
Jun 17 2012 17:24 GMT aquiles PRO
Jun 17 2012 17:34 GMT martini957
Congratulations on this beauty...great shot
Jun 17 2012 18:05 GMT Lie
Lovely red cactusflower....you did not take care, it is a case of not taking care, than it thinks it will die and than it's gone give you flowers, you did well I think....
Jun 17 2012 18:12 GMT bandsix
In that case Dave, let me be the first to wish you merry Christmas for 2012 !!
Jun 17 2012 18:12 GMT bandsix
Thak you Foggy....
Jun 17 2012 18:13 GMT bandsix
Thanks Don, my friend gave it to me when her old Auntie died...it had been in a dusty outhouse for years...I haven't done anything except put it in a nice pot:))
Jun 17 2012 18:14 GMT bandsix
Thanks Helen...I think neglect is the key with cacti :))
Jun 17 2012 18:14 GMT bandsix
thank you Wijnie....
Jun 17 2012 18:14 GMT bandsix
and thanks Hans!
Jun 17 2012 18:14 GMT bandsix
thank you sini :)
Jun 17 2012 18:15 GMT bandsix
You are lucky to grow yours outside Samir.....this would die a watery death outside here!
Jun 17 2012 18:15 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ida:)
Jun 17 2012 18:15 GMT bandsix
thank you Anna-Maria:))
Jun 17 2012 18:16 GMT bandsix
thank you aquiles....I feel quite proud of it!
Jun 17 2012 18:16 GMT bandsix
thank you Nancy:)
Jun 17 2012 18:16 GMT bandsix
I think you are right Lie....if you fuss over these they usually die :))
Jun 17 2012 21:41 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A rare event, and what a treat when it happens! Nice photo.
Jun 18 2012 01:58 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Happy days indeed Barbara !!!!
Jun 18 2012 02:23 GMT potterjo
Wonderful that it bloomed for you, lovely image of it.
Jun 18 2012 06:00 GMT MargNZ
Well done Barbara .... it is lovely :)
Jun 18 2012 12:56 GMT larrybenedict
You said that you haven't done anything but put it in a nice pot. Does it need watering or is the humidity in the air enough for it to do well?
Jun 18 2012 13:00 GMT skyball
That was a bit of luck Barbara!!..we never had flowers on ours!! great catch!!!!!.....
Jun 18 2012 17:17 GMT bandsix
thank you Sylvia..I told my friend it had flowered, and she said it flowered for old Auntie every year, so I can't take any credit for anything!!
Jun 18 2012 17:18 GMT bandsix
:)) I think it may be about to have a second flush......
Jun 18 2012 17:18 GMT bandsix
Thank you Jo....hope it does it every year!
Jun 18 2012 17:18 GMT bandsix
thank you Margaret:)
Jun 18 2012 17:19 GMT bandsix
I haven't watered it yet Larry, and it has been here for about six months, give or take....I presume it's getting what it needs...probably humidity from all the hot air I spout:))
Jun 18 2012 17:20 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff...more good luck than good management!
Jun 19 2012 03:34 GMT RTW
Lets face it England is not the best of places for cacti, well worth the wait for the beautiful flower
Jun 19 2012 17:08 GMT bandsix
Thanks Reg, you're right there....but patience is rewarded...:))
Jun 20 2012 18:05 GMT bandsix
You are very kind! Thank you for the compliment:)
Jun 20 2012 18:10 GMT marijke06
impressive cactus!
Jun 20 2012 18:11 GMT bandsix
Thanks Marijke!
Jun 21 2012 01:10 GMT Studio88
Cactus Flowers are Wonderful - AAA+ ;-)
Jun 21 2012 08:49 GMT bandsix
They are, aren't they? not seen very much in the frozen North!
Jun 21 2012 13:36 GMT Bellavista
That looks fantastic! I have some different cactus in Budapest, just small ones, it was my hobby to collect them. They doesn't need too much water, the best you can do for them once a week to put them - the whole plant with pot - for 10 minutes in water till cover the water the plant over the top, then take it off.
Jun 21 2012 15:49 GMT bandsix
I've not heard of that method of watering Bea...maybe I will try it with one that hasn't flowered yet....although this one hasn't been watered for six months.....!!!
Jul 08 2012 21:22 GMT legs4daze PRO
hi hi barbara! interesting angle looking down, what's the blue square on the right?
so, a watery death potentially but thriving in the hot air, i love it! i'm going to visit London in September, do you think i'll be happy then, will it rain for me? cheers from portland xo ;o)))