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This chicken is one of a large flock of battery hens that has been rescued and given a new lovely life scratching around at Dunham Massey...the aim is for the chickens to fertilize the ground ready for a new Rose Garden that will open in 2013, and the chickens will then be cared for in another place. When they arrived they were almost unrecognisable as chickens, and now they are simply beautiful!! I wish the same could happen for all these maltreated birds.....
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 04 2011 07:59 GMT marijke06
....life will be wonderful there for the chicken boys and girls....
Oct 04 2011 08:14 GMT hallo
You have very kind heart Bandsix!
Oct 04 2011 09:45 GMT linnywv PRO
A new life! Wonderful!
Oct 04 2011 11:21 GMT skyball
Freedom at last!!. nice catch barbara!!!!!!
Oct 04 2011 12:56 GMT bandsix
They certainly seemed to be enjoying it Marijke, scratching around in the soil and having dust baths..they must be very happy I think....!
Oct 04 2011 12:59 GMT bandsix
I can't understand how anyone can be deliberately cruel to any living thing, hallo, and battery hens have an appalling life.....it upsets me very much.....When my friend moves in next door, we are hoping to 'adopt' some ex-battery hens...she has already bought a book on keeping chickens in readiness :)
Oct 04 2011 12:59 GMT bandsix
My sentiments exactly !!
Oct 04 2011 13:00 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff....not the best photo in the world, but the best possible outcome for these feathered lovelies!
Oct 04 2011 13:52 GMT Annamaria
They have a good life now....;-))
Oct 04 2011 13:53 GMT wijnie58
Very great picture Barbara.!! And now the eggs.
Oct 04 2011 17:27 GMT bandsix
yes, thank goodness!
Oct 04 2011 17:32 GMT bandsix
Apparently they are very good layers, because that is all they have ever done.....they use the eggs in the restaurant on site :))
Oct 04 2011 18:07 GMT elsje323
great to see they have a good life now and in the future
Oct 04 2011 18:08 GMT bandsix
It certainly is Elsje, thank you...:)
Oct 04 2011 21:45 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Wonderful that these poor chickens have been rescued, Barbara, and that you and your friend are intending to adopt some too! Couldn't agree more with what you say about cruelty - totally incomprehensible to me.
Oct 06 2011 20:41 GMT martini957
So very sad...happy to know that there are you & other folks out there who dare to care and are doing something about it too.....I'll never understand the hearts of people who mistreat other human beings and animals too : (
Oct 06 2011 21:19 GMT bandsix
We just need more people to really care about other living things, and each other...wouldn't that be good?.....:))