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This lovely motorbike was parked next to me when I came back from Yoga this morning.....
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 04 2011 18:15 GMT hans55 PRO
a well maintained classic !!
Oct 04 2011 18:45 GMT senna3
Beautiful motorbike, but your car is even nicer!
Oct 04 2011 19:00 GMT wijnie58
Are your sure its not your motorbike Barbara.!!!!!
Oct 04 2011 19:25 GMT FLUMP
I must admit i prefer the comfort of 4 wheels....
Oct 04 2011 21:16 GMT bandsix
It certainly was Hans....
Oct 04 2011 21:16 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter...!
Oct 04 2011 21:17 GMT bandsix
I'm sure Wijnie...I'm no good even on pillion!!
Oct 04 2011 21:17 GMT bandsix
You and me both, Helen!
Oct 04 2011 21:31 GMT superJoan
Barbara I prefer your car....only once went pillion and nearly fetched us both off when we went around the corner, we were far to near the ground for my liking......many years ago in my teens....wouldn't dare go on the back of a bike now....
Oct 05 2011 02:12 GMT potterjo
I prefer two feet or 4 wheels...
Oct 05 2011 05:56 GMT hallo
Wow...I'm more interested in your car ;-)
Oct 05 2011 09:24 GMT MargNZ
I would like to try this ... just once ;))
Oct 05 2011 10:17 GMT Papagena
Impressive machine but I have no experience with motorbikes so far !!
Oct 05 2011 14:56 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Nice bike barbara you can usually get parts for them in India Where they still make them by hand.!!!!
Oct 05 2011 17:18 GMT bandsix
A car for me every time Joan...I can't even ride a push bike....bit of a wet nelly really :)
Oct 05 2011 17:18 GMT bandsix
Me too, Jo. but it was a lovely piece of metalwork!
Oct 05 2011 17:19 GMT bandsix
no contest for me either, hallo !!
Oct 05 2011 17:20 GMT bandsix
Then you should Margaret...I should imagine the roads of NZ would be a safer bet than here!! Put it on your 'bucket list' ......!
Oct 05 2011 17:20 GMT bandsix
I like the 'so far' bit Ruth...have you got plans?
Oct 05 2011 17:21 GMT bandsix
Really? That could be useful if you need spare parts! Holiday to see the Taj Mahal and pick up the bike spares....good deal!
Oct 06 2011 14:58 GMT Donjames
Hope you were wearing your leathers...hahaha
Oct 06 2011 15:51 GMT bandsix
I think I'd look a bit silly wearing leathers just to photograph it though Don :)) added to which, I don't think I could straddle the thing these days!
Oct 07 2011 10:35 GMT skyball
From experience,a lovely bike..nice catch Barbara!!!!!....
Oct 07 2011 15:01 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff....must bring back some memories....!
Oct 15 2011 12:21 GMT RTW
I was a Triumph / Norton man, but the Enfield is still made now in India and sold all over the world, what happened to the" great in Great Britian ????
Oct 16 2011 12:33 GMT bandsix
'Great' Britain is no more, I'm afraid....glad you liked the pic....