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The snow is blizzarding down...white everywhere, snowflakes swirling...thought I would remind myself what we have to look forward to.....
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 05 2013 15:02 GMT mellie
Thank you, Barbara ... with all the cold we've been having here (24F right now) -- this lovely shot has perked me up!
Feb 05 2013 15:17 GMT Foggydew
A beauty indeed!
Feb 05 2013 15:19 GMT Bellavista
here is snowing too! :-D
Such a lot of beauties in this well composed image Barbara!!
Feb 05 2013 15:56 GMT saffi9
cant wait love the colours here barbara
Feb 05 2013 16:00 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful flowers, Barbara ...Love all the colours..:-))
Feb 05 2013 16:10 GMT 25barb

this does remind me of a painting... Great colors and spring will soon come we hope
Think spring and keep warm inside and look out the windor at the beauty.
Well composed and lovely framing...
Have a wonderful day.
Feb 05 2013 16:58 GMT peterpinhole
Wonderful English style garden you show us here! Now I'm pining for spring even more.
Thanks for sharing this view.
Feb 05 2013 16:58 GMT superJoan
Barbara I have noted this as a place to visit in the summer. also Breezy knees gardens Thanks for reminding us of the sunny weather. It is snowing again at the moment ...
Feb 05 2013 17:51 GMT hallo
I like your optimism Barbara :)
Feb 05 2013 18:32 GMT bandsix
I'm so glad I could perk you up mellie:)
Feb 05 2013 18:32 GMT bandsix
Thank you Foggy.....
Feb 05 2013 18:33 GMT bandsix
Thank you Bea...it was a beautiful garden..and a nice little cafe there, too!
Feb 05 2013 18:34 GMT bandsix
It is a lovely mix of colours, Dave...wonder what it will be like this year? Only one way to find out!
Feb 05 2013 18:34 GMT bandsix
Thanks Wijnie..lots of variety:)
Feb 05 2013 18:35 GMT bandsix
Thank you Barb....I am attempting to do a felt 'painting' of this garden at the moment....but it's turning out to be much more difficult than I thought:)))
Feb 05 2013 18:36 GMT bandsix
Thanks Peter....I loved this garden as soon as I saw it....and you're welcome!
Feb 05 2013 18:37 GMT bandsix
Well worth a visit Joan...Breezy Knees is on my agenda, too:)
Feb 05 2013 18:38 GMT bandsix
I try, Samir, I try......but don't always succeed :))
Feb 05 2013 22:00 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a glorious summer garden, Barbara!
Feb 06 2013 05:48 GMT Annamaria
Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Barbara!! So many lovely flowers!!
Feb 06 2013 09:50 GMT skyball
Something to look forward to Barbara!!!!!......
Feb 06 2013 10:24 GMT CarlBovisNaturePhotography
Gorgeous garden, wonderful scene! :-)
Feb 06 2013 14:34 GMT bandsix
It was, Sylvia, a real visual treat!
Feb 06 2013 14:34 GMT bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria!
Feb 06 2013 14:35 GMT bandsix
It is, Geoff.....just a few more months....:))
Feb 06 2013 14:35 GMT bandsix
Thank you very much!
Feb 06 2013 15:31 GMT georgygirl2
lovely photo, beautiful flowers
Feb 06 2013 17:46 GMT senna3
A feast for the eyes!
Feb 06 2013 18:26 GMT elsje323
what a beautiful summergarden
Feb 06 2013 18:32 GMT bandsix
Thank you:))
Feb 06 2013 18:33 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter!
Feb 06 2013 18:33 GMT bandsix
I thought so, too, Ida...wish mine was even a bit like this!
Feb 06 2013 20:59 GMT Zodyak
Wonderful mix of flowers :)
Feb 07 2013 19:05 GMT Bigbear10
Wonderful colours and capture Barbara
Feb 07 2013 19:06 GMT bandsix
Thank you Tony!
Feb 10 2013 23:13 GMT pauli3522
colorful pic....love it
Feb 11 2013 16:47 GMT bandsix
Thanks Zodyak..sorry for the late reply:)
Feb 11 2013 16:48 GMT bandsix
Thank you:)