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The prototype scarf made from some of the merino in the last posting.....I have enough for three, I think, so may try something different for the next two:)
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 19 2012 11:25 GMT hallo
Beautiful how you mixed the colors, this would take me a hundred years to finish...Do you have a special knitting machine to do this!!
Dec 19 2012 11:31 GMT Bellavista
..this is really nice Barbara!! .... so you have enough for three??? can I be one of them???? :-DD just kidding.... great result, love the colours!
Dec 19 2012 12:52 GMT bandsix
I can't take any credit for colour mixing Samir....that's just how it came out when I undid the plait...and there's no machines involved, just warm soapy water and elbow grease:))
Dec 19 2012 12:54 GMT bandsix
Thank you Bea....I liked the colours too, and I am reasonably satisfied with the result...the woman I bought the merino from hand dyes her own, and she has some beautiful colour combinations...may branch out into something different next time...I always go for the same combinations...2013 may be time for a change:))
Dec 19 2012 15:09 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
It is beautiful. Love how you blended the colours.
Dec 19 2012 15:41 GMT hans55 PRO
a very nice result ...nice colors !!
Dec 19 2012 17:30 GMT mellie
This is beautiful work, Barbara.
Dec 19 2012 17:42 GMT skyball
Warm and colourful Barbara..nice one!!!!!.......
Dec 19 2012 17:49 GMT bandsix
Thank you Mary:)
Dec 19 2012 17:49 GMT bandsix
Thank you Hans...:)
Dec 19 2012 17:49 GMT bandsix
Thanks mellie...:))
Dec 19 2012 17:50 GMT bandsix
Thank you Geoff...!
Dec 19 2012 18:02 GMT martini957
Wonderful results
Dec 19 2012 18:09 GMT senna3
A Masterpiece in colour composition!
Dec 19 2012 18:10 GMT bandsix
Thanks Nancy....
Dec 19 2012 18:11 GMT bandsix
No thanks to me Peter, I just laid the fibres out...all credit to the clever person who handpainted the wool...:)
Dec 19 2012 19:33 GMT elsje323
this is really beautiful Barbara
Dec 19 2012 19:50 GMT Bellavista
this combination is very nice, telling me stories... reminds me at the Earth,... black is for the soil or volcano, purple is like a sunset...blues are for the seas and sky... and the light green is like the fields at a summer morning... ;-)
Dec 19 2012 20:21 GMT Annamaria
Such beautiful colours, Barbara!! I love it!! I can't figure out yet you you do the felting... must have a look at YOU TUBE.... maybe there is some kind of movie there....

Thanks for sharing this beautiful scarf that you have just finished!! ;-))
Dec 19 2012 20:30 GMT wijnie58
This is sure beautiful handmade work, Barbara...Love it..:-))
Dec 19 2012 20:31 GMT aquiles PRO
LOVELY WORK !!!!!!!1....many thanks because your kind words,
Dec 19 2012 20:57 GMT Lie
Looks soft and warm....and the colours are great...
Dec 19 2012 21:16 GMT saffi9
youre an artistic lady
Dec 19 2012 22:07 GMT bandsix
Thank you Ida:)
Dec 19 2012 22:08 GMT bandsix
That's very poetic, Bea....lovely:))
Dec 19 2012 22:10 GMT bandsix
Felting is very easy, Anna-Maria, just warm water, soap and rubbing to make the scales on the wool 'mesh' together.....just practice....there are quite a lot of helpful videos on You tube..... the best by Terri Pike...:))
Dec 19 2012 22:10 GMT bandsix
Thank you very much Wijnie!
Dec 19 2012 22:11 GMT bandsix
Thank you aquiles...you're very kind....
Dec 19 2012 22:12 GMT bandsix
It's very soft, and very light Lie...and warm too!
Dec 19 2012 22:12 GMT bandsix
Thanks Dave!
Dec 19 2012 23:30 GMT Riet
I read your profile and see you love watercolour painting..........so do I! :-)
Dec 20 2012 01:08 GMT potterjo
so you don't knit or crochet them first? I have a red felted hat but the lady that made it I think knitted them first. It is so warm I hardly ever get to wear it. The scarf is beautiful.
Dec 20 2012 08:43 GMT marijke06
nice colourful work!
Dec 20 2012 09:47 GMT bandsix
Thank you Riet! I must admit watercolour painting has taken a back seat recently, as other things have been taking my time...like felting:))
Dec 20 2012 09:49 GMT bandsix
Knitting first is another way of felting, Jo, but this is 'cobweb' felt, which is very fine and light..so no knitting involved here:)
Dec 20 2012 09:49 GMT bandsix
Thanks hunju!!
Dec 20 2012 09:49 GMT bandsix
Thank you marijke:)
Dec 20 2012 18:34 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Wonderful work, Barbara - I love those colours. Now I must google "felting" and see how it's done!