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Family Herbal, written about 1863, belonging to one of my ancestors, who was a herbalist..there are some amazing 'cures' in here...it makes for very interesting (and amusing!) reading .....
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 07 2012 12:47 GMT senna3
A perfect choice for todays theme, a precious book with a very special background!
Dec 07 2012 12:50 GMT Icandoit
Excellent presentation.
Dec 07 2012 13:01 GMT abojovna PRO
The family treasure! Beautiful entry Barbara! Have a beautiful weekend!
Dec 07 2012 13:08 GMT hans55 PRO
woow ... a precious book for sure !!
Dec 07 2012 13:36 GMT hallo
This is a real treasure Barbara, now it's obvious to me how you keep so fit...
Dec 07 2012 14:34 GMT wijnie58
Great family treasure, Barbara..:-))
Dec 07 2012 14:36 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter....it's not in the best of condition, unfortunately, but then I suppose......neither am I:) (It was like this when I inherited it!)
Dec 07 2012 14:36 GMT bandsix
Thanks Harry!
Dec 07 2012 14:36 GMT bandsix
Thank you Claudia...and I hope you do, too!
Dec 07 2012 14:36 GMT bandsix
It's a good read, that's for sure Hans!
Dec 07 2012 14:37 GMT bandsix
haha! fit to drop!
Dec 07 2012 14:37 GMT bandsix
It is, Wijnie...thank you:)
Dec 07 2012 14:59 GMT daveb
I drink an infusion of dried nettle and dandelion every day - tastes awful!
Dec 07 2012 15:16 GMT bandsix
is it doing you any good though Dave? Usually the things that taste the worst are supposed to be best for us...:)
Dec 07 2012 16:06 GMT daveb
It was reccommended to me when I suffered an agonising kidney stone - which dissolved and no trouble since. Hope I'm not tempting providence!
Dec 07 2012 18:48 GMT bandsix
That's great...I've checked them both in the herbal, and nettle is recommended for the 'kidney gravel'...and dandelion is well known as 'piss-a-bed'....excuse the language, but that's what it says:))
Dec 08 2012 01:49 GMT pauli3522
wow...do you have a cure for migraine??..headache??
Dec 08 2012 09:51 GMT bandsix
I'll have a look for you Paulina...I think that Feverfew is supposed to cure migraines, but I find an injection of Sumatriptan works for me:))
Dec 08 2012 20:56 GMT elsje323
great book entry
Dec 09 2012 09:45 GMT bandsix
Ida, thank you....
Dec 09 2012 10:41 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful old book! Great entry for the theme! Do you still use it, Barbara?
Dec 09 2012 13:22 GMT bandsix
I look at it sometimes, mainly for the fun I get just reading about the different complaints and how to treat them...