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A nice little walk through to the Yoga class from the bakers' shop.....I always buy six brown muffins (teacakes) on Tuesday morning....they're delicious with a thick layer of butter and cheese :)) ...perhaps I should have posted that photo instead.....?
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 14 2012 07:59 GMT saffi9
great autumn shot make the teacakes the next one it will be nice to see one being as im on a diet :(
Nov 14 2012 08:30 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Nice autumnal mood here, and I'd like to see the muffins too!
Nov 14 2012 08:54 GMT MargNZ
Yes please Barbara ! A beautiful pathway to walk along :)
Nov 14 2012 09:01 GMT skyball
A natural!!..nice one Barbara!!!!!!.......
Nov 14 2012 15:06 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Gorgeous place for your walk. I too would like to see the muffins :)
Nov 14 2012 15:39 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful place for a walk, Barbara..:-))
Nov 14 2012 15:56 GMT Bellavista
definitely Barbara... or better pls send for me some of these muffins! :-D

Nice landscape as well! It seems to be a friendly and peaceful town!
Nov 14 2012 16:55 GMT elsje323
great place for a walk
Nov 14 2012 20:11 GMT bandsix
Can't imagine why Dave.....I'm sure you looked very slim on your photos:)
Nov 14 2012 20:11 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sylvia....won't be there until next week:)
Nov 14 2012 20:11 GMT bandsix
Thank you Margaret:)
Nov 14 2012 20:12 GMT bandsix
Thank you hunju:)
Nov 14 2012 20:12 GMT bandsix
Thanks Geoff!
Nov 14 2012 20:12 GMT bandsix
Thank you Mary:) muffins to follow...next week!
Nov 14 2012 20:12 GMT bandsix
Yes it is, thank you Wijnie:)
Nov 14 2012 20:14 GMT bandsix
They're not as fattening in a photo Bea! It's just a village..not as grand as a town!
Nov 14 2012 20:14 GMT bandsix
Yes, thanks, Ida...very pleasant for a little walk between bus and class:)
Nov 14 2012 20:21 GMT Annamaria
A lovely place for a walk, Barbara! Maybe you can make a picture of the brownies next tuesday...;-) I bet the ones from yesterday are finished by now....;-))
Nov 14 2012 20:23 GMT bandsix
Thanks Anna-Maria....the brown teacakes are actually bread...and yes, it will have to be next week now!!
Nov 14 2012 22:35 GMT junne PRO
had to laugh about the caption. but you are right, this beautiful composition needs no words. excellent depth of field, sharp all the way to the distance, and the mood of the walk is caught as well.
Nov 15 2012 03:57 GMT potterjo
Lovely path, if you walk and do yoga I guess you can have all the teacake you want. : )
Nov 15 2012 04:24 GMT Squirrel PRO
Beautiful autumn photo !
Nov 15 2012 05:02 GMT hallo
Lovely neighborhood and you muffins sounds delicious, maybe you show next time I mean next Tuesday they must be fresh :)
Nov 15 2012 06:27 GMT marijke06
why six? :)
Nov 15 2012 12:23 GMT GeoffReeves
Superb atmosphere & nicely taken.............

Next Muffins..?
Nov 16 2012 08:05 GMT bandsix
Thank you junne!
Nov 16 2012 08:05 GMT bandsix
My thoughts exactly Jo!
Nov 16 2012 08:05 GMT bandsix
Thank you Squirrel...:)
Nov 16 2012 08:06 GMT bandsix
Thank you Samir....a new batch next Tuesday...mmmm:))
Nov 16 2012 08:07 GMT bandsix
There are three of us for lunch on Tuesday...so two each!
Nov 16 2012 08:08 GMT bandsix
Thank you Geoff...:)
Nov 16 2012 13:33 GMT marijke06
aha ;-)