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Saw this at the butcher's shop on Friday.....everybody ready, are we?
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 15 2012 17:08 GMT Annamaria
Great find, Barbara!! I haven't decide yet what to eat at Christmas...;-)) I guess I must make up my mind....
Jul 15 2012 18:08 GMT hans55 PRO
a bit early dont you think ?? :-)
Jul 15 2012 19:13 GMT elsje323
Yes a bit eraly I guess
Jul 15 2012 19:53 GMT wijnie58
Fantastic image, Barbara but I agree with Annamaria...:-))
Jul 15 2012 20:20 GMT martini957
Good sign to get folks to thinking ahead
Jul 15 2012 20:21 GMT Bellavista
Great find Barbara! We eat fish at Xmas:-))
Jul 15 2012 21:17 GMT bandsix
A bit of time left to do that Anna-Maria....!
Jul 15 2012 21:17 GMT bandsix
Much too early Hans...I'd like some sunshine and summer first!
Jul 15 2012 21:17 GMT bandsix
Jul 15 2012 21:18 GMT bandsix
Jul 15 2012 21:18 GMT bandsix
Rather think of summer Nancy.....
Jul 15 2012 21:18 GMT bandsix
I'll come to your house then Bea.....:))
Jul 16 2012 00:40 GMT will
the stress might be where do i put it til then? )
Jul 16 2012 02:25 GMT potterjo
I am with Will on that. Wish you could send some of your extra rain over the pond. So much of the USA is really suffering and lots of bad fires.
Jul 16 2012 04:33 GMT MargNZ
It can't be time to think about christmas yet Barbara !
Jul 16 2012 06:17 GMT hallo
Yes and we can eat salads at Christmas :)
Jul 16 2012 10:19 GMT skyball
I think they are adding to the stress!!:-((....great catch Barbara!!........
Jul 17 2012 01:55 GMT T1MELESS PRO
And stick it in the freezer for the next 6 months No thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 17 2012 02:42 GMT larrybenedict
Do you think this was a sign just for fun or serious? Guess the meat could be vaccum packed and frozen? On my side of the pond, ham and turkey are less expensive in November and December.
Jul 17 2012 17:37 GMT bandsix
I hadn't thought of that dilemma Will!
Jul 17 2012 17:37 GMT bandsix
I wish we could send you some too, Jo, it has been absolutely pouring down again today!!
Jul 17 2012 17:38 GMT bandsix
Not for me, Margaret...a week before is plenty!
Jul 17 2012 17:38 GMT bandsix
I would much prefer salad any time Samir!!
Jul 17 2012 17:38 GMT bandsix
You may well ask!!!
Jul 17 2012 17:38 GMT bandsix
I think you're right Geoff!
Jul 17 2012 17:39 GMT bandsix
No thanks indeed Jim!!! Let the poor little things have another few months of life!
Jul 17 2012 17:40 GMT bandsix
I think it could be serious Larry....but I'll ask next time I'm around:))
Jul 19 2012 11:25 GMT Donjames
Darn its almost that time of the year again...well almost....
Jul 19 2012 17:26 GMT bandsix
Frightening speed this ol' world is travelling at!! I would like to see a bit of sunshine before the sleigh bells start ringing though.....
Jul 26 2012 20:40 GMT jomoud PRO
Excellent advetising by the butcher.
Buy all the meats for Christmas now
stuff it in the freezer where it will get freezer burn
and in Decewmber you'll have to go back for another fresh order:):):)
Jul 27 2012 07:18 GMT bandsix