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Last week, the sparrowhawk came down and took one of my collared doves, awful to watch, the poor thing was still flapping whilst being torn apart...and now, another threat to my little sweeties.....a beautiful pussy cat, but a threat nonetheless.....
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 12 2014 16:14 GMT Papagena
A pity indeed Barbara !! But it's nature's fault having given to cats the instinct of hunting.... ;~((
Jan 12 2014 16:50 GMT pauli3522
wow..look those eyes....
Jan 12 2014 17:13 GMT Lalbabu
In thumbs it looks like a little tiger !!!!!
Jan 12 2014 17:40 GMT skyball
You have the same problem Barbara!!:-) ..a lovely shot of the cat though!!!......

Jan 12 2014 18:49 GMT bandsix
That's true, Ruth:))
Jan 12 2014 18:49 GMT bandsix
Beautiful, aren't they?
Jan 12 2014 18:50 GMT bandsix
It does indeed!
Jan 12 2014 18:51 GMT bandsix
We have quite a few cats around now Geoff.....we didn't used to:((
Jan 12 2014 19:25 GMT Jeanmac
I think he knows you are watching him,but he does not look scared:))
Jan 12 2014 20:17 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What an upsetting thing to witness, Barbara. I know sparrowhawks have to eat, but preferably not birds we have grown fond of! I do hope this lovely-looking cat will be
useless at hunting!
Jan 12 2014 21:03 GMT MargNZ
Oh dear Barbara .... the law of the jungle ! Lovely cat but perhaps he needs a bell around his neck !
Jan 12 2014 21:15 GMT georgygirl2
aww poor dove.its dog eat dog.lovely pssy cat tho
Jan 12 2014 22:01 GMT mellie
Horrid to see and yes for sure we know the law of the jungle. I don't know how close you can get to this cat to slip a bell around.
Jan 13 2014 02:03 GMT will
yes, I experience these same feelings over the conflict of birdies and felines...you are doing well, it must have been a terrible shock to witness what you did. just know that you have my support, Barbara I am there with you in spirit...sincerely..
Jan 13 2014 16:02 GMT bandsix
He's not scared at all...looks at me as though I am just a nuisance!
Jan 13 2014 16:04 GMT bandsix
Thanks Sylvia.......it's not the first time the sparrow hawk has been round and eaten birds....seems to be a fairly frequent visitor....I hope puss turns out to be a not very good hunter, too!
Jan 13 2014 16:05 GMT bandsix
I haven't seen him very often, Margaret! but there is a different one there today!, sitting right below where the birds congregate...think one of them is passing the word round........
Jan 13 2014 16:06 GMT bandsix
Yes, I know...but it is so horrible to see them in action......at least the cat was just having bird food and not the actual birds!
Jan 13 2014 16:07 GMT bandsix
They usually run away when I go to the gate, so no chance of a bell round it's neck!
Jan 13 2014 16:08 GMT bandsix
Thanks for that, will.......nature can be very cruel......
Jan 13 2014 19:38 GMT Annamaria
Little hunter!! Nature can be hard, Barbara! I can imagine it was not pleasant to watch!!
Jan 14 2014 01:50 GMT will
aren't they weird?..)....probably think we are really weird too though i'm sure..lol
Jan 14 2014 01:51 GMT will
he is downright scary looking
Jan 14 2014 04:22 GMT hallo
Great photo...who will the third animal be threatening, Watch out Barbara :))
Jan 14 2014 11:21 GMT bandsix
No, Anna-Maria, the sparrowhawk was relentless......eurgh.....this little pussy cat hasn't stalked the birds, yet.........:)
Jan 14 2014 11:22 GMT bandsix
He is certainly unfazed by me looking at him, will.........:)
Jan 14 2014 11:22 GMT bandsix
Now you've got me wondering, Samir......I will have to be vigilant:)
Jan 14 2014 23:58 GMT will
he's a beautiful fellow....what's his name?.Spock?.....hahaha.......star trek..)
Jan 15 2014 00:04 GMT will
oh, ok....thanks for letting me know, barb...bird food...hmmm that's a new one for me.......maybe he thought it's dessert .)) nexttt, he'll be sprouting wings Ii think!.....that would be scary..)
Jan 15 2014 16:10 GMT martini957
Sweet looking cat...but yes a threat.....I can so relate ; (
Jan 15 2014 18:07 GMT bandsix
It certainly would be a worry if cats started sprouting wings, will.......not quite as bad as spiders doing it though:))
Jan 15 2014 18:08 GMT bandsix
He is sweet looking...or is 'he' a 'she? Looks too pretty to be a boy:)
Jan 15 2014 22:03 GMT superJoan
Nature has it's way of being cruel... afraid we get lots of other peoples cats in the garden.. but our feeders are hopefully out of reach to them...
Jan 16 2014 16:52 GMT bandsix
Yes, such a pity the birds have so many predators.,.especially the feline ones!
Jan 17 2014 00:54 GMT will
...now there is a scary thought, barb....oh g..)let's get back in our cave ...I think I caught the whif of a sabre toothed tiger....yes, i said .....damn the torpedos full speed ahead ! )
Jan 17 2014 10:44 GMT bandsix
funnily enough, there was a sabre toothed tiger here just this very morning.....but it's gone now:)
Jan 17 2014 14:39 GMT julie13
I lost rabbits to foxes years ago, also took a kitten we suspect. If you live near a wildlife park or zoo, ask them for poo from their big cats, sounds gross but apparently by leaving small amounts in your garden, domestic cats keep clear. Rats were a nightmare around here so we put snake poo under our shed, so far it seems to work.
Jan 17 2014 16:36 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the tip, Julie....how long does the big cat poo last? Do we have to keep going back for more, or do they get the message fairly soon?! Worth a try, anyway.....:)
Jan 18 2014 01:34 GMT will
glad he likes us....)....must be the scraps we leave out for him eh barb?...or birdfood..)
Jan 18 2014 14:48 GMT bandsix
No scraps, will...just birdfood:)