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Don't do it, Torty, don't jump..things can't be that bad !!!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 16 2011 16:33 GMT Donjames
I feel like that somedays...hehehehe. Great photograph
Oct 16 2011 16:33 GMT hallo
Don't worry Barbara they can swim, but this one might break his nose...nice idea :)
Oct 16 2011 16:45 GMT elsje323
great shot
Oct 16 2011 17:24 GMT Annamaria
Nice find, Barbara!!
Oct 16 2011 19:06 GMT FLUMP
Smashing shot!
Oct 16 2011 23:41 GMT beady
good find
Oct 17 2011 04:49 GMT larrybenedict
I like your turtle. And those shoes that you are wearing! The turtle looks Mayan and the shoes Italian. :-)
Oct 17 2011 08:47 GMT senna3
Great, in particular your caption!
Oct 17 2011 10:22 GMT bandsix
Thanks Don.....I'm glad he didn't do it....it's too cold to fish him out!
Oct 17 2011 10:23 GMT bandsix
I can relax now I know he can swim - thanks Hallo!
Oct 17 2011 10:24 GMT bandsix
Thank you Elsje .....
Oct 17 2011 10:25 GMT bandsix
Thank you Anna-Maria.....I'll bring him in for the winter.....!
Oct 17 2011 10:25 GMT bandsix
Thanks Helen !
Oct 17 2011 10:26 GMT bandsix
Thank you Brett.....
Oct 17 2011 10:28 GMT bandsix
Thank you Larry....the tortoise was made by me at a night school pottery class donkeys years ago....that was when I discovered that potting was not my forté!..though I do quite like the little chap :))
Oct 17 2011 10:29 GMT bandsix
Thank you Peter...the caption sort of suggested itself really!
Oct 17 2011 10:39 GMT Pea2007
I wonder if he did jump....Lol
I like you caft skills Barbara.
Oct 17 2011 10:40 GMT bandsix
He was still there when I looked out this morning Peter...I suppose it depends on what sort of night he had.....:))
Oct 17 2011 10:59 GMT NewEnglandMoments
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Oct 17 2011 12:27 GMT skyball
I think he is looking for his mate Barbara!!:-)....nice shot!!!!!....
Oct 17 2011 14:45 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful shot Barbara!!:-))
Oct 17 2011 14:55 GMT bandsix
I'll have to go back to pottery classes then Geoff, and make him one:))
Oct 17 2011 14:56 GMT bandsix
Thanks Wijnie!
Oct 17 2011 14:58 GMT sini
Nice shot!:)
Oct 17 2011 15:01 GMT bandsix
Thanks for the comment Sini:)
Oct 17 2011 15:24 GMT sider
Great capture and nice story.... ';))
Oct 17 2011 18:00 GMT Annamaria
Better do that, Barbara! Otherwise it will not survive the freezing winterdays.... brrrr.... don't want to think about them yet....;-(
Oct 17 2011 19:36 GMT Papagena
Great memory of a funny moment !! But I don't understand why you shouldn't feel forté Barbara, he has become a lovely little fellow !!
Oct 17 2011 20:52 GMT bandsix
Thank you sider for the comment....
Oct 17 2011 20:53 GMT bandsix
The forecast was for snow in Scotland today Anna-Maria....it's a bit soon for that!
Oct 17 2011 20:54 GMT bandsix
Thanks Ruth, you are very kind!
Oct 17 2011 21:54 GMT MargNZ
Delightful capture and comments Barbara :))
Oct 18 2011 00:49 GMT T1MELESS PRO
A rock climbing tortoise.What next.:-))
Oct 18 2011 09:18 GMT bandsix
Thank you Margaret :))
Oct 18 2011 09:19 GMT bandsix
I know Jim, I was amazed when I spotted him there...he had gone missing from the bedroom windowsill......:))
Oct 19 2011 02:44 GMT martini957
Stop fretting Barbara...I'm just checking out that gorgeous turtle I see in the water...looks a lot like me too : ))
Oct 19 2011 02:53 GMT potterjo
The turtle is wonderful...you should have kept it up!
Oct 19 2011 17:31 GMT bandsix
Oct 19 2011 17:31 GMT bandsix
No, Jo, I recognise my limitations, especially having seen your lovely work:))
Oct 19 2011 21:32 GMT Zodyak
Sweet composition!!!
Oct 21 2011 16:00 GMT bandsix
Thank you Zodyak.....