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Tags spotted cat

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I met this beautiful cat on my way back from Yoga class on Tuesday.....he was like a little leopard, and so friendly, I wanted to put him in my bag and bring him home....he was a bit on the thin side......
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 28 2011 18:01 GMT elsje323
looks very cute
Sep 28 2011 18:10 GMT FLUMP
He's got beautiful markings. I've have one that looks positively anorexic but eats non stop!!!
Sep 28 2011 18:27 GMT bandsix
He was Elsje!
Sep 28 2011 18:29 GMT bandsix
I used to be like that!! Could eat like a horse and not put an ounce on...and I did try to put weight on....how times change....I only need to look at chocolate now :((
Sep 28 2011 20:12 GMT Danijela
so sweet little leopard ;)
Sep 28 2011 20:25 GMT saffi9
you should have :)
Sep 28 2011 20:55 GMT bandsix
He was beautiful Danijela...and so friendly - he walked towards me 'talking' all the time and then lay down to have his tummy tickled :))
Sep 28 2011 20:56 GMT bandsix
I'll be there again next week Dave...another opportunity...:))
Sep 28 2011 21:32 GMT wijnie58
You know that a like cats. A Big favourites.
Sep 29 2011 03:16 GMT larrybenedict
My brother-in-law paid $300 for a cat with spots like that. Had some kind of unusual name and was bigger than a normal size cat. It could (and would) twist the door knob to open the door and go outside. I wonder if this cat is a "run of the mill" kitty or one with some fancy name. Carry cat food with you to your next Yoga class....maybe it will follow you home.
Sep 29 2011 06:39 GMT sini
So cute pose!:)
Sep 29 2011 16:50 GMT bandsix
Thank you Wijnie......spotty was lovely!
Sep 29 2011 16:51 GMT bandsix
I was there before you Larry....our little sweetie, Thomas, who died in July, didn't like beef in the boxes of assorted cat food pouches, and I have about 15 or so left...may just take one next Tuesday morning and see what transpires.....:))
Sep 29 2011 16:52 GMT bandsix
he was a real poser sini...he was twisting about all over theplace....showing me what 'pose of a cat' should look like in proper Yoga!
Sep 29 2011 16:56 GMT martini957
awesome cat...don't blame you for wanting to take it home with you
Sep 30 2011 13:15 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a gorgeous little "leopard"! I hope he's just naturally thin and getting fed regularly.
Sep 30 2011 16:28 GMT bandsix
thank you Nancy....he was so sweet:)
Sep 30 2011 16:30 GMT bandsix
So do I Sylvia....the friend who was with me, (not a cat person) also commented about the fact that he was thin.....hopefully he is like FLUMP's cat and eats a lot but doesn't put weight on.....
Sep 30 2011 19:33 GMT Annamaria
It sure looks like a nice cat... little leopard... I wonder if he still is waiting for you next week,...;p-)
Sep 30 2011 21:20 GMT bandsix
I'll certainly look out for him Anna-Maria!